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The idea for this library was to create a trip component library that is created in react way rather than json config, while still keeping the style in a separate css file built in such way that they can be easily overwritten and customized.

Demo page

Check example demo tour on github repo ./src/demo/Tour


npm install react-rtg

Basic usage

import "react-rtg/build/index.css"; // import stylesheet - you can do it in sass files as well
import React, {useState} from "react";
import {Tour, Step} from "react-rtg";

const TourGuide = ({isOpen, setOpen}) => {
    return (
        <Tour isOpen={isOpen} 
              onClose={setOpen.bind(null, false)} 
              onOpen={setOpen.bind(null, true)}>
            <Step placement="top-center">
                <p>First step of tutorial placed on cenetr top of window</p>
            <Step selector="#buttonId" placement="bottom">
                <p>Second on is under selected target element</p>

const App = () => {
    const [isTourOpen, setIsTourOpen] = useState(false)
    return (
        <TourGuide isOpen={isTourOpen} setOpen={setIsTourOpen}/>
        <button id="buttonId" onClick={setIsTourOpen.bind(null, ture)}> 
            Start Tour 

with context

import "react-rtg/build/index.css"; // import stylesheet - you can do it in sass files as well
import React, {useState} from "react";
import {Tour, Step, TourRoot, useTour} from "react-rtg";

const TourGuide = ({isOpen, setOpen}) => {
    return (
        <Tour id="tourId">
            <Step placement="top-center">
                <p>First step of tutorial placed on cenetr top of window</p>
            <Step selector="#buttonId" placement="bottom">
                <p>Second on is under selected target element</p>

const Menu = () => {
    const [tour] = useTour("tourId")
    return (
            <li onClick={}> Go to next</li>
            <li onClick={}> Sart tour</li>
            <li onClick={tour.close}> Finish tour</li>

const Logger = () =>{
    const [tour] = useTour("tourId"); 
    const [log, setLog] = useSate("");
        const onNext = (current, next, lenght) => {
                `current step is ${current} 
                 next will be ${next}, 
                 is ${lenght} steps`
        tour.on("next", onNext);
        return () => tour.un("next", onNext);
    }, [tour, setLog])
    return (<span>{log}</span>)

const App = () => {
    return (
        <TourRoot> // wrap app in tour context


Tour component

Tour.propTypes = {
  id: PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.string, PropTypes.number]), // tour id used in useTourControl
  children: PropTypes.arrayOf(PropTypes.element),
  className: PropTypes.string, // will add given class name to container and this className__content to content
  isOpen: PropTypes.bool,
  initialContent: PropTypes.func, // function returning initial content - it is shown if wait is present on first step

  onBeforeClose: PropTypes.func, // before close if return falsable the cancel close
  onBeforeOpen: PropTypes.func, // before open if return falsable then cancel open
  onClose: PropTypes.func, // after close
  onOpen: PropTypes.func, // after open eg. from click in pin
  onAfterClose: PropTypes.func,// called when modal dialog is not visible
  onAfterOpen: PropTypes.func, // called when modal dialog is visible
  onNext: PropTypes.func,// called before change step with : onNext(current, next, length): next: number or next step string id
  onChange: PropTypes.func, // fired on every step change, - before scroll animation start
  onAfterScroll: PropTypes.func, // fired on every step change, - after scroll animation is finished
  onFinish: PropTypes.func, // called onClose if is on last step
  onLock: PropTypes.func, // called when user try to navigate to lock steps
  onWait: PropTypes.func, // called when step is waiting to show - with true when waits and false when is finish
  startAt: PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.number, PropTypes.string]), // step index or string id
  closeOnBackdrop: PropTypes.bool, // if true then click on the backdrop mask will close tour
  offset: PropTypes.number, // offset of modal from target default 30
  offsetX: PropTypes.number, // by default not set, so it has general default 30
  offsetY: PropTypes.number, // ... similar like in x
  backdropOffset: PropTypes.number, // offset backdrop layer from target element
  backdropOffsetY: PropTypes.number, // vertical offset backdrop layer ....
  backdropOffsetX: PropTypes.number, // horizontal...

  pin: PropTypes.bool, // be default false, if true then after closing it shows pin button
  pinText: PropTypes.oneOfType([
    PropTypes.bool, // if is false then on hover don't show tool tip
    PropTypes.bool, // text on tool tip over pin button
  pinOffset: PropTypes.number, // by default 0, offset from base placement of pin

  badge: PropTypes.oneOfType([
    PropTypes.bool, // if false then badge is hidden,
    PropTypes.func, // badge(current, length): string | customizing badge text
  badgeClassName: PropTypes.string,

  closeButton: PropTypes.oneOfType([
    PropTypes.bool,// if false then closing button is hidden,
    PropTypes.func // closeButton(close : func) : react.element // function with close handle
  closeButtonContent: PropTypes.oneOfType([
    PropTypes.string, // text content of button
    PropTypes.element, // react.element as content of button eg. svg element like fontawesome icon
  closeButtonClassName: PropTypes.string, //

  controller: PropTypes.func,// export controlling functions : ({set, pre, next})

  controls: PropTypes.func,// controls({set, prev, next, current, length, close, lock}) : rect.element
  // you can return your own step selector/paginator which have set, prev, next function and
  // current, length values to disposition

  controlButtonsContent: PropTypes.shape({
    // for each button you can set custom content
    prev: PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.string, PropTypes.element]),
    next: PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.string, PropTypes.element]),
    selector: PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.string, PropTypes.element]),
    current: PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.string, PropTypes.element]),
  lastStepControls: PropTypes.oneOfType([
    PropTypes.func,// onFinishControls({close, prev, set}) : component
    PropTypes.element // react component
  controlNumbers: PropTypes.bool, // if false hide number over 'step selector'

  modalRefreshTimeout: PropTypes.number, // advanced
  // If you change transition time on modal element from .8s to some bigger value
  // probably you have to increase as well refresh timeout.
  // By default value is 801 ms after this time Modal check to 'see' that
  // it have enough space or it have to change place, this is important on mobile device.
  scrollHiddenOverflow: PropTypes.bool, // by default true, if you pass false then if some 
  // content is overflowed container and it will be out of visible box then container will not be scrolled
  scrollTarget: PropTypes.instanceOf(HTMLElement),//by default is window but 
  // you can set other element like body

Step component

Step.propTypes = {
  id: PropTypes.string, // step identification
  selector: PropTypes.string, // css selector if is not provided then it will be located in relation to window
  placement: PropTypes.oneOf([
    "center", // only in relation to window - in relation to selector it will cover object !!!
    "top", "bottom", "right", "left",
    "top-right", "top-left",
    "bottom-right", "bottom-left"
  content: PropTypes.func,// content render function called with isWaiting bool arg
  // it takes precedence over regular children step content
  onBeforeShow: PropTypes.func, // called before show, you can prepare some action here
  onShow: PropTypes.func, // called after showing step but before scroll
  onAfterScroll: PropTypes.func, /// called after scrolling window to step position
  onBeforeNext: PropTypes.func, // if return false block go to next step
  onWait: PropTypes.func, // called when step is waiting to show - with true when waits and false when is finish
  approve: PropTypes.oneOfType([
    PropTypes.bool, // if you pass just 'approve=true' by default it will take click event
      event: PropTypes.string, // if is set to 'none' then only promise option works
      target: PropTypes.string, // by default step selector.
      callback: PropTypes.func,
      // if event will be fired on target then callback will be called if return true then is approved
      delay: PropTypes.number, // delay from callback or pure event approve to go next slide
      promise: PropTypes.func, // a function which have to return promise, if promise is resolved then is approved
      lock: PropTypes.bool, // lock go next step until task is not done
  closeOnBackdrop: PropTypes.bool, // close on backdrop click - eg. you can set it on last step
  backdropOffset: PropTypes.number, // if is not set will take default value 5
  backdropOffsetX: PropTypes.number, // similar lik in general case
  backdropOffsetY: PropTypes.number, // in x
  scroll: PropTypes.bool, //if false then on this step page is not scrolled
  scrollOffset: PropTypes.number, // by default scroll to display element on center of screen
  scrollOffsetX: PropTypes.number, // from horizontal screen center
  scrollOffsetY: PropTypes.number, // from vertical screen center
  offset: PropTypes.number, // if is not set will take general default value 30
  offsetX: PropTypes.number, // by default not set so it hase general default 30
  offsetY: PropTypes.number, // ... similar like in x
  pinPlacement: PropTypes.oneOf([
    "center", // if is pin option on, and this is not set then it will take modal placement
    "top", "bottom", "right", "left",
    "top-right", "top-left",
    "bottom-right", "bottom-left"
  pinOffset: PropTypes.number, // offset from pin placement by default 0;
  pinText: PropTypes.oneOfType([
    PropTypes.bool, // if false then tool tip text is hidden, if true or unset then default text will be shown
    PropTypes.string, // text over hover pin if you pass empty string then tool tip will disappear
  className: PropTypes.string, // class name for step wrapper

  wait: PropTypes.oneOfType([
    PropTypes.func, // a function returning promise
    PropTypes.number // a number of milliseconds to wait

useTour(id | null)

const [tour] = useTour("tourId");

const [tourMenager] = useTour();
const _tour = tourMenager.get("tourId");;
tour.isOpen// true

tour2.isOpen // false
tour2.isOpen //ture

///------ functions;
tour.close(force: bool);//if force is true, even if the pin mode is true, it will not be displayed;
tour.set(index: number); // jump to step number index
  id: 'stepId', // if id is present it will take precedence over index
  index: 5, 
  wait: async () => {} // time in milliseconds or function which returns Promise
///---- props
tour.step.index // current index read onlny
tour.step.props // curretn step compoment props - read onlny // current step target (html node)
tour.isOpen // boolean read onlny
tour.length // steps amount

function onClose(){
    console.log("RTG dialog closed")
    tour.un("close", onClose);

tour.on("beforeClose", () => console.log("before close dialog"));
tour.on("close", onClose);
tour.on("afterClose", () => {}) // called async in setTimeout

tour.on("beforeOpen", () => {}) // if return false then is canceled
tour.on("open", () => {});
tour.on("afterClose", () => {}) // called async in setTimeout

toru.on("next", (fromIndex, toIndex, tourLenght, fromId) => nextStep: index|id)
toru.on("show", ({index, id}) => {});
tour.on("lock", () => {});
tour.on("wait", ({index, state, id}) => {});
tour.on("change", ({index, props}) => {})

tour.on("afterScroll", () => console.log("aftetr scrolling window to target position"));
tour.on("finish", () => {})

hooks order:

  • Open tour dialog first time
    • onBeforeOpen // before open process start - if it's return false then opening will be aborted
    • onNext // before next is executed - onNext(current, next, length): index|null
    • onWait // *if step have wait attr and is waiting- onWait({index, true, id})
    • onWait // *if step have wait attr and is ready- onWait({index, false, id})
    • onBeforeShow (on Step component) - called before given step well be displayed - this can be only added to Step component
    • onOpen // called in during opening process
    • onChange // after current displayed step is changed onChange(index, Step.props)
    • onAfterOpen // called when step is visible all process of rendering is finished
  • Next step
    • onNext // you can return index of next step
    • onLock// called while trying to change step index on locked one
    • onBeforeNext (on Step component) - called before change given step on next one
    • onWait // *if step have wait attr and is waiting- onWait({index, true, id})
    • onWait // *if step have wait attr and is ready - onWait({index, false, id})
    • onBeforeShow (on Step component) - called before given step well be displayed -(attr on Step component)
    • onChange // called after step is changed with onChange(index, Step.props)
    • onAfterScroll // called when scrolling to target element is over
  • Close tour dialog
    • onBeforeClose // on closing process start - if you return false then closing will be aborted
    • onClose // on closing but still before
    • onFinish // on close on last step
    • onAfterClose // dialog is close


@import "../../node_modules/react-rtg/build/index.css"

  --primary-color: #0b708b;
  --wating-color: #c00021;
  --pin-color: #0fa9d0;
  --arrow-size: 15px;
// you can change style of each step
.rtg__container--step-3 .rtg__modal{
  --arrow-size: 30px;

    background: black;
    color: white;
    p {
    max-width: 350px;
.rtg__modal--top-center:after {
    content: none // remove arrov indecates target under modal dialog
.rtg__modal--waiting{} // for styling modal when is waiting to next step ready


.rtg__badge{} // plate with current step info counter
.rtg__badge--waiting{} // for styling badge when is wating for next step rady
.rtg__control {} // control button container
.rtg__pin {} // pin button after temporary closing modal
    border-radius: 0px; // change backdrop hool border radius

Customization button icons

import React from "react"
import {Tour, Step} from "react-rtg"

const TourGuide = () => {
    return (
        <Tour id={"tourId"}
              controlButtonsContent = {{
                  prev: "prev",
                  next: <span>{"next"}</span>
                  selector: "*"
                  current: "@"
              badge={(current, length) => current + " from " + length}
              lastStepControls={close => (
                    <button onClick={close.bind(null, true)}>Congratulations</button>
              pinText="Clik heart to open tutorail agina"> 
            <Step placement={"center"}} id={'firstStepId'}>
                    This tip is on center of screen <br/>

export default TourGuide

Full custom - control buttons component

import React, {useCallback} from "react";
import {Tour, Step} from "react-rtg";

const TourGuide = () => {
    const controls = useCallback(({prev, next, close, current, length})=>{
        return (
            <div className={"some-class__controls"}>
                <button onClick={close.bind(null, true)} 
                        className={"btn btn--skip"}> 
                {current !== 0 &&
                    <button onClick={prev} 
                            className={"btn btn--prev"}>
                <button onClick={next} 
                        className={"btn btn--next"}>
                    { ((current === length - 1) ? "Last" : "Next") + ` ${current + 1} / ${length}`}
    }, [])
    return (
        <Tour id={"tourId"}
            <Step placement={"center"}}>
                    This tip is on center of screen <br/>
                    If you click on backdrop then modal will be closed.
                    Check it to see pin !!!


  • 1.1 - Fully backward compatible

    • Update dev built libraries
      • npm vulnerabilities
      • webpack plugins (postcss, teaser, and many others)
      • React from 16 to 17
    • Adding 'wait' attr to Step component
      • wait on Step component
      • onWait on Step component
      • onWait on Tour component
      • setWait on useTour hook
      • tour.on('wait', cb) on useTour hook
      • adding --waiting BEM state to Modal and Badge components
    • Adding id to Step component
      • modify onNext args now contains component id as last arg
      • now you can return step id from onNext hook
      • you can pass index or id to startAt
      • you can use index or id to setWait from useTour hook


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