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react-router-virgo 使用手册

One line of code and one route configuration file, realize the function of react-router, and match the transition animation effect of native route.

一行代码 + 一个路由配置文件,就可以实现 react-router 的功能,并让你的 Web 页面切换媲美 Native 路由的转场动画体验

一、Brief Introduction 概述

react-router-virgo is a router with secondary encapsulation based on react-router, which makes the integrated routing function extremely simple. In addition, the extended functions such as route transition animation are added: No transition animation, push transition animation, present transition animation

react-router-virgo是在 react-router 的基础上进行二次封装的 Router,使集成路由功能变得极其简单。此外,还增加了路由转场动画等扩展功能:无转场动画, Push 转场动画, Present 转场动画

二、Installation 安装

### use npm
### 使用npm
npm install --save react-router-virgo

### use yarn
### 使用yarn
yarn add react-router-virgo

三、RouterConfig 设置路由配置文件

Set route profile RouterConfig.js

设置路由配置文件 RouterConfig.js

3.1 Example 代码演示

import { Home, Detail } from './pages/index';
// Three scenes are exemplified: no animation, push transition animation and present transition animation
// 例举了无动画、push转场动画、present转场动画三种场景
export const RouterConfig = [
  { path: '/', component: Home },
  // No transition animation (the new page directly covers the current page)
  // 无转场动画(新页面直接覆盖当前页面)
    path: '/detail',
    component: Detail,
    sceneConfig: {
      enter: 'no-animation',
      exit: 'no-animation',
  // Push transition animation (when opening the page, overwrite from left to right; when closing the page, withdraw from right to left)
  // Push 转场动画(打开页面时,从左往右覆盖;关闭页面时,从右往左收回)
    path: '/push/detail',
    component: Detail,
    sceneConfig: {
      enter: 'from-right',
      exit: 'to-right',
  // Present transition animation (when opening the page, it will pop up from the bottom; when closing the page, it will pop up from the top)
  // Present 转场动画(打开页面时,从下往上弹起;关闭页面时,从上往下收起)
    path: '/present/detail',
    component: Detail,
    sceneConfig: {
      enter: 'from-bottom',
      exit: 'to-bottom',

3.2 Description 配置项说明

key description type default
path The routing path can take parameters. The one after /: is a parameter, such as / detail /: id. The parameter is id. 路由路径,可以带参数,在/:后的为参数,如 /detail/:id, 参数为 id string Required
component Page components of route path mapping. 路由路径映射的页面组件 class Required
sceneConfig The route transition animation configuration supports three scenes: no animation, push animation and present animation. The default is push animation. 路由转场动画配置,支持无动画Push 动画Present 动画三种场景,默认使用 Push 动画 object {enter: 'from-right', exit: 'to-right'} Optional
exact Use exact match or not. 是否使用精准匹配 bool true Optional
  • Routing transition animation parameter sceneConfig configuration supports the following three scenarios
  • 路由转场动画参数sceneConfig配置,支持以下三种场景
### No animation configuration
### 无动画配置
  enter: 'no-animation',
  exit: 'no-animation',

### Push animation configuration
### Push动画配置
  enter: 'from-right',
  exit: 'to-right',

### Present animation configuration
### Present动画配置
  enter: 'from-bottom',
  exit: 'to-bottom',

四、Use Router 使用路由

Add Router to entry file App.js


4.1 Example 代码演示

import React from 'react';
import Router from './router/Router';
import { RouterConfig } from './RouterConfig';
import './index.css';
function App() {
  return <Router routerConfig={RouterConfig} />;
export default App;

4.2 API

props description type default
routerConfig Route configuration data. 路由配置数据 array [] Required
useBrowserRouter Routing type BrowserRouter/HashRouter. By default, HashRouter is used. 路由类型 BrowserRouter/HashRouter,默认使用 HashRouter bool false Optional
useAnimatedSwitch Use transition animation or not. 是否使用转场过渡动画 bool true Optional

五. FAQ 常见问题

Q: Which routing types are supported? 支持哪些路由类型?

  • Two types of BrowserRouter and HashRouter are supported. They can be set by the property useBrowserRouter. The default is HashRouter
  • 目前支持 BrowserRouter 和 HashRouter 两种类型,可通过属性useBrowserRouter来设置,默认使用 HashRouter

Q: What transition animations are supported? 支持哪些转场动画?

  • It supports three kinds of scenes: no animation, pop-up presentation animation, and right to left push animation. You can configure sceneConfig according to rules in the routing configuration file. If the sceneConfig field is not configured, push animation is used by default
  • 目前支持无动画、从下往上弹起的 Present 动画,从右往左打开的 Push 动画三种场景。可以在路由配置文件中按规则配置sceneConfig即可,如果未配置 sceneConfig 字段,则默认使用 Push 动画

Q: After opening a new page, will the previous page be destroyed? 打开新页面后,上一级页面是否会被销毁?

  • It will be destroyed. When returning to the previous page, the page will be re rendered, and the subsequent version iterations will support the stack routing function.
  • 会被销毁,返回上一级页面时,页面会重新渲染,后续版本迭代会支持 Stack 路由功能。

Q:Why does compilation fail after installation? 安装后,编译失败的原因?

  • Confirm whether there are two dependencies react-router-dom and react-transition-group in your project. If not, please import the dependency through yarn or NPM.
  • 确认下项目里是否有 react-router-domreact-transition-group 这 2 个依赖,如果没有,请通过 yarn 或者 npm 引入依赖.
yarn add react-router-dom react-transition-group

Q: Whether the project developed by TS is supported 是否支持 ts 开发的项目

  • Subsequent iterations will support
  • 后续迭代会支持

六. More 其它

If you are interested in more specific information, go to the code. If you find a bug, please mention an issue, I will repair and optimize it as soon as possible...

更具体的信息大家感兴趣的话去看代码吧,如果发现 bug,请提一个issue,我会第一时间进行修复和优化...

Welcome to use, if you think it's good, please give a little star encouragement~

欢迎使用,觉得不错请给一个小小的 star 鼓励一下~

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