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Enable hash / id based routes with react router.

Try out the example.

The HashRoute component scrolls to the "wrapped" element after componentDidMount or on route change when the hash / id matches.


Given the component Foo (Your component MUST render the id prop):

const Foo = ({id}) => <div id={id}>Foo</div>

render prop

  render={({id}) => <Foo id={id} />} 

component prop



offset prop (number, default=0)

An optional vertical offset when using fixed headers.

scoll prop (function, default="jump")

A customizable scroll function with the signature:

const scroll = (node, offset) = {}

If you want to have animations etc.


Start watching and building the lib:

$ npm i && npm run dev

Build and start the example website with hot-reloading:

$ npm run dev