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    🎛 React Rotary Knob


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    • Precise mode: Doesn't jump on dragging (Increase drag distance for more precision)
    • Works in both controlled (recommended) and uncontrolled mode.
    • Support arrow keys.
    • Supports custom skins

    Precision mode

    precision mode

    When precision mode is active (default), a minimum dragging distance is required to unlock de control.

    Usage (Controlled mode - recommended)

    Similar to controlled mode for HTML input controls, you need to store the value and use the value and onChange props to update it. This is the recommended usage.

    class App extends React.Component {
      state = {
        value: 50
      changeValue(val) {
      render() {
        return <Knob onChange={this.changeValue.bind(this)} min={0} max={100} value={this.state.value}/>

    Usage (Uncontrolled mode)

    In uncontrolled mode the component manages its own state. Instead of providing a value prop you should define a default value with the defaultValue prop. Use the onChange prop if you want to be notified when the value changes.

    class App extends React.Component {
      changeValue(val) {
       console.log('The value changed to '+val)
      render() {
        return <Knob defaultValue={0} min={0} max={100} onChange={this.changeValue.bind(this)}  />

    Non-endless behavior

    For some applications it's not a good idea to jump from min to max values. If you need to limit the rotation take a look at this implementation of a limited knob



    Prop Description Default Value
    min Minimum value 0
    max Maximum value 100
    value Control Value 0
    defaultValue start value for uncontrolled mode 0
    onChange Callback with the updated value
    unlockDistance Minimun drag distance required to unlock the knob 100
    step the step distance (when using the keyboard arrows) 1
    skin Skin object
    onStart Called when the dragging starts
    onEnd Called when the dragging ends
    clampMin degree value to move the starting point of the active area of the knob away from the center 0
    clampMax degree value to move the end point of the active area of the knob away from the center 360
    rotateDegrees degree value to rotate the knob component to have the starting / end points at a different position 0 (zero is at top

    Custom skins

    See defaultSkin.js for an example.


    npm i react-rotary-knob

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