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    React Responsive Carousel

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    Check it out these cool demos created using storybook. The source code for each example is available here

    Installing as a package

    npm install react-responsive-carousel --save


    var React = require('react');
    var ReactDOM = require('react-dom');
    var Carousel = require('react-responsive-carousel').Carousel;
    var DemoCarousel = React.createClass({
        render() {
            return (
                <Carousel axis="horizontal|vertical" showThumbs={true|false} showArrows={true|false} onChange={onChange} onClickItem={onClickItem} onClickThumb={onClickThumb} dynamicHeight emulateTouch>
                        <img src="assets/1.jpeg" />
                        <p className="legend">Legend 1</p>
                        <img src="assets/2.jpeg" />
                        <p className="legend">Legend 2</p>
                        <img src="assets/3.jpeg" />
                        <p className="legend">Legend 3</p>
    ReactDOM.render(<DemoCarousel />, document.querySelector('.demo-carousel'));
    // Don't forget to include the css in your page
    // <link rel="stylesheet" href="carousel.css"/>
    Attributes Type Default Description
    showArrows boolean true show prev and next arrows
    showStatus boolean true show index of the current item. i.e: (1/8)
    showIndicators boolean true show little dots at the bottom with links for changing the item
    showThumbs boolean true show thumbnails of the images
    infiniteLoop boolean false infinite loop sliding
    selectedItem number 0 selects an item though props / defines the initial selected item
    axis string horizontal changes orientation - accepts horizontal and vertical
    onChange function - Fired when changing positions
    onClickItem function - Fired when an item is clicked
    onClickThumb function - Fired when a thumb it clicked
    width string - Allows to set a fixed width
    useKeyboardArrows boolean false Adds support to next and prev through keyboard arrows
    autoPlay boolean false Auto play
    stopOnHover boolean true Stop auto play while mouse is over the carousel
    interval number 5000 Interval of auto play
    useKeyboardArrows boolean false Adds support to next and prev through keyboard arrows
    swipeScrollTolerance number 5 Allows scroll when the swipe movement occurs in a different direction than the carousel axis and within the tolerance - Increase for loose - Decrease for strict
    dynamicHeight boolean false Adjusts the carousel height if required. -- Do not work with vertical axis --
    emulateTouch boolean false Allows mouse to simulate swipe



    Feel free to submit a PR or raise issues. When submitting a PR, please:

    • add the required tests and an example of usage to stories/index.js
    • don't submit changes to the /lib folder as it will be generated again after the merge.
    • ensure you have the editorConfig plugin or the same code style settings as defined in .editorConfig to avoid excess of spaces in diffs


    Setting up development environment

    • git clone
    • npm install
    • npm start
    • Open your favourite browser on localhost:8000 - livereload will be enabled and tests will run on each change

    The fastest dev environment is on node 6. If you have nvm installed, just run nvm use 6. Tests in travis will run on node 4 and 6

    Running only tests

    • npm test

    Running storybook

    • npm run storybook


    Only after merged back to master

    Publish to npm

    • npm run publish-to-npm

    Pubish to gh-pages

    • npm run publish-to-gh-pages



    webpack + es6 setup