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    React Responsive Carousel

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    Check it out these cool demos created using storybook. The source code for each example is available here

    Installing as a package

    npm install react-responsive-carousel --save


    var React = require('react');
    var ReactDOM = require('react-dom');
    var Carousel = require('react-responsive-carousel').Carousel;
    var DemoCarousel = React.createClass({
        render() {
            return (
                <Carousel axis="horizontal|vertical" showThumbs={true|false} showArrows={true|false} onChange={onChange} onClickItem={onClickItem} onClickThumb={onClickThumb}>
                        <img src="assets/1.jpeg" />
                        <p className="legend">Legend 1</p>
                        <img src="assets/2.jpeg" />
                        <p className="legend">Legend 2</p>
                        <img src="assets/3.jpeg" />
                        <p className="legend">Legend 3</p>
    ReactDOM.render(<DemoCarousel />, document.querySelector('.demo-carousel'));
    // Don't forget to include the css in your page
    // <link rel="stylesheet" href="carousel.css"/>
    Attributes Type Default Description
    showArrows boolean true show prev and next arrows
    showStatus boolean true show index of the current item. i.e: (1/8)
    showIndicators boolean true show little dots at the bottom with links for changing the item
    showThumbs boolean true show thumbnails of the images
    selectedItem number 0 selects an item though props / defines the initial selected item
    axis string horizontal changes orientation - accepts horizontal and vertical
    onChange function - Fired when changing positions
    onClickItem function - Fired when an item is clicked
    onClickThumb function - Fired when a thumb it clicked
    width string - Allows to set a fixed width
    useKeyboardArrows boolean false Adds support to next and prev through keyboard arrows


    Please, feel free to contribute. You may file an issue or submit a pull request!

    Setting up development environment
    • git clone
    • npm install
    • npm start
    • Open your favourite browser on localhost:8000 - livereload will be enabled
    Running tests
    • npm test
    Publishing to npm
    • npm run publish-to-npm
    Pubishing to gh-pages
    • npm run publish-to-gh-pages


    webpack + es6 setup