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This package currently matches the upstream runtime of react-refresh@0.13.*.

This package implements the plugin to integrate Fast Refresh into bundlers. Fast Refresh is a feature that lets you edit React components in a running application without losing their state.

This package is primarily aimed at developers of bundler plugins. If you’re working on one, here is a rough guide for Fast Refresh integration using this package.

Minimal requirement

  • TypeScript 4.0
  • module (not target) set to es2015 or later (not work with CommonJS currently. If you really need it, please vote in #3)

Example (with ts-loader)

    test: /\.tsx?$/,
    loader: 'ts-loader',
    exclude: /node_modules/,
    options: {
        getCustomTransformers: () => ({
            before: [require('react-refresh-typescript')()]

Example (with raw TypeScript transpileModule API)

import refresh from 'react-refresh-typescript';
import ts from 'typescript';
const out = ts.transpileModule('const App = () => <Something />', {
    compilerOptions: {
        target: ts.ScriptTarget.ESNext,
        jsx: ts.JsxEmit.Preserve,
    fileName: 'test.jsx',
    transformers: {before: [refresh(options)]},

Import from Deno

The entry point is src/deno.ts.

You must have an import map for deno that specify typescript as a peer dependency.

For example:

    "imports": {
        "typescript": ""

Without import-map

If you don't want to set up an import map, you can import the core file and provide TypeScript via options.ts.


export type Options = {
    /** @default "$RefreshReg$" */
    refreshReg?: string
    /** @default "$RefreshSig$" */
    refreshSig?: string
    /** @default false */
    emitFullSignatures?: boolean
    /** Provide your own TypeScript instance. */
    ts?: typeof import('typescript')
    /** Provide your own hash function when `emitFullSignatures` is `false` */
    hashSignature?: (signature: string) => string


npm i react-refresh-typescript

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