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  1. Introduction
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This library aims to make it as quick and easy as possible to build applications with React and Redux.

It enforces a separation of concerns. It keeps user interface decoupled from application state. It keeps application state decoupled from data sources.

Build your UI with React.

Manage application state with Redux providers.

Persist and share application state with replication.

Use pure functions everywhere.

You can use this library to build applications of any size and complexity, for the real world or for fun.

Familiar with React and Redux (including react-redux)? You can use your same tools and libraries. Everything you've learned still applies. You've probably recognized patterns when connecting Redux to your React components. You've probably recognized patterns when optimizing updates for efficiency. This library is an abstraction of these patterns. By default, it minimizes boilerplate and maximizes efficiency.

Unfamiliar with React and/or Redux? This library should hopefully still be easy for you to learn. Simplicity is key when building software, and this library is as simple as it gets.


Checkout the full documentation at


npm install react-redux-provide --save

And then at the very beginning of your app:

import 'react-redux-provide/lib/install';

Note: If you need to disable the automatic wrapper for specific components (usually 3rd party components), set a static __provide property to false on the component - e.g., SomeComponent.__provide = false.

This is only necessary until React has a better context API.

If you'd rather not use the install method, you must wrap your top component with the provide function so that providers can be retrieved via context, assuming you follow convention and actually pass your providers to the top component.

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npm i react-redux-provide

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