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React popout is a React component wrapping allowing you to host content in a browser popup window.

npm install react-popout --save


To see it in action just go to


Import with es6

import Popout from 'react-popout'

The usage is really simple. When the component is mounted the popup is open, and when it is unmounted the popup is closed.

<Popout url='popout.html' title='Window title' onClosing={this.popupClosed}>
  <div>Popped out content!</div>

To close the window programatically give the window a ref and use the closeWindow function.


title [required]

Title for popup window.

url [optional]

URL of the page to load intially. Often needed for css. about:blank will be used if not specified.

onClosing [optional]

Called when popout window is closed, either by user or by calling close.

options [optional]

Object representing window options. See the docs for reference.

Example: <Popout options={{left: '100px', top: '200px'}} />

By default 500px wide, 400px high and centered over the window hosting the react component.

You can also specify a function with signature (options, window) => { } to perform calculations. For example top is calculated with (o, w) => ((w.innerHeight - o.height) / 2) + w.screenY

window [optional]

Instead of using the window global, a window object can be passed in. It needs the following functions on it:<url>, <title>, <strWindowFeatures>); and return an object which looks like this:

  onbeforeunload: () => { },
  onload: () => { },
  close: () => { },
  document: {
    title: string,
    body: {
      appendChild: (ele) => { }

This can be used if you need to intercept the calls and do something else.

containerId [optional]

Assigns an Id to the container that will be injected in the popup window document.body, defaults to popout-content-container, useful for cascading styles.


// input
<Popout containerId='tearoff'>
  <SomeComponent />

// output in new window:
<div id="tearoff">
  <SomeComponent />

onError [optional]

Provides a callback incase the window wasn't opened, usually due to a popout blocker within the browser.


// input
<Popout onError={() => {}}>

Example hosting component

class HostingComponent {
  constructor(props) {
    this.popout = this.popout.bind(this);
    this.popoutClosed = this.popoutClosed.bind(this);
    this.state = { isPoppedOut: false };

  popout() {
    this.setState({isPoppedOut: true});

  popoutClosed() {
    this.setState({isPoppedOut: false});

  render() {
    if (this.state.isPoppedOut) {
      return (
        <Popout url='popout.html' title='Window title' onClosing={this.popoutClosed}>
          <div>Popped out content!</div>
    } else {
      var popout = <span onClick={this.popout} className="buttonGlyphicon glyphicon glyphicon-export"></span>
      return (
          <strong>Section {popout}</strong>
          <div>Inline content</div>

The popped out content can have props set and will render just as you would expect a normal React component to render.


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