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react-plaid-link npm version

React hook and components for integrating with Plaid Link


React 16.8+


With npm:

npm install --save react-plaid-link

With yarn

yarn add react-plaid-link


Please refer to the official Plaid Link docs for a more holistic understanding of Plaid Link.


Head to the react-plaid-link storybook to try out a live demo.

See the examples folder for various complete source code examples.

Using React hooks

This is the preferred approach for integrating with Plaid Link in React.

Note: token can be null initially and then set once you fetch or generate a link_token asynchronously.

ℹ️ See a full source code examples of using hooks:

import { usePlaidLink } from 'react-plaid-link';

// ...

const { open, ready } = usePlaidLink({
  onSuccess: (public_token, metadata) => {
    // send public_token to server

return (
  <button onClick={() => open()} disabled={!ready}>
    Connect a bank account

Available Link configuration options

ℹ️ See src/types/index.ts for exported types.

Please refer to the official Plaid Link docs for a more holistic understanding of the various Link options and the link_token.

usePlaidLink arguments

key type
token string | null
onSuccess (public_token: string, metadata: PlaidLinkOnSuccessMetadata) => void
onExit (error: null | PlaidLinkError, metadata: PlaidLinkOnExitMetadata) => void
onEvent (eventName: PlaidLinkStableEvent | string, metadata: PlaidLinkOnEventMetadata) => void
onLoad () => void
receivedRedirectUri string | null | undefined

usePlaidLink return value

key type
open () => void
ready boolean
submit (data: PlaidHandlerSubmissionData) => void
error ErrorEvent | null
exit (options?: { force: boolean }, callback?: () => void) => void

OAuth / opening Link without a button click

Handling OAuth redirects requires opening Link without any user input (such as clicking a button). This can also be useful if you simply want Link to open immediately when your page or component renders.

ℹ️ See full source code example at examples/oauth.tsx

import { usePlaidLink } from 'react-plaid-link';

// ...

const { open, ready } = usePlaidLink(config);

// open Link immediately when ready
React.useEffect(() => {
  if (ready) {
}, [ready, open]);

return <></>;

Using the pre-built component instead of the usePlaidLink hook

If you cannot use React hooks for legacy reasons such as incompatibility with class components, you can use the PlaidLink component.

ℹ️ See full source code example at examples/component.tsx

import { PlaidLink } from "react-plaid-link";

const App extends React.Component {
  // ...
  render() {
    return (
        // onEvent={...}
        // onExit={...}
        Link your bank account

Typescript support

TypeScript definitions for react-plaid-link are built into the npm package. If you have previously installed @types/react-plaid-link before this package had types, please uninstall it in favor of built-in types.

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