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React Pincode

React Pincode is a published NPM module that can be integrated inside any ReactJS application. It is used to extract City, District, and State information as soon as the user enters valid Pin-Code. On entering a valid Pin-Code, a GET request is made to the Indian Postal Service API and the useful information is extracted and results are displayed in the respective fields. If a valid Pincode is entered an error is thrown which can be customized by a user using a specific prop.

Snippet of the working application is displayed below.

Table of Contents


The four input fields are wrapped inside an <div> element and each input field is also wrapped inside <div>. So that a user can style it according to the need in the project.

Whenever the wrong Pincode is entered red border appears on the pin code input field and on entering a right pin code, city, district and state input fields get automatically filled with correct data


  • NodeJS (check for it's installation on terminal using npm -v)


This will only work for Indian Pincodes.


import Pincode from "react-pincode";


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Pincode from "react-pincode";
export default class Example extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        <Pincode />
export default Example;


Find Codepen Implementation of the module here

Pincode Props

  1. Props for changing CSS properties
Name Description
Container Container which wraps all the three Input Field
pincodeContainer Container which wraps pincode Input Field
cityContainer Container which wraps City Input Field
districtContainer Container which wraps District Input Field
stateContainer Container which wraps State Input Field
pincodeInput Props for styling pincode input field
cityInput Props for styling city input field
stateInput Props for styling state input field
  1. Props for changing error message.

By deafult,

  • For an Invalid Pincode - "Invalid PIN Code"
  • If Pincode length is not valid - "ZIP code must be of 6 digits"
Name Description
invalidError Props for changing invalid error message.
lengthError Props for changing invalid length message.



import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Pincode from "react-pincode";
export default class Example extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        <Pincode  cityInput={{width:'200px'}}/>
        // This will set the length of city input field to 200px. You can play with rest of the props to style it according to your need.
export default Example;

Development and Testing

  1. Set-up the React-Pincode module by dowloading its dependencies, using npm install command.
  2. Build the module using npm run build
  3. Link the module for testing using npm link command.
  4. Change your directory to test-server directory, using cd test-server
  5. Install the dependecies using npm install
  6. Now run npm link react-pincode
  7. Congratulations! You have set-up the test server for react-pincode. Now just run npm start from test-server directory to launch the test-server.
  8. You don't need to stop this server, the changes made in the module will be reflected automatically each time you build them using npm run build
  9. To watch a video on installation (Click on the thumbnail): Watch the video


Please read Contributing Guidelines for information on how to contribute to React-Pincode.

Development Guidelines

  1. Write clean and readable code with proper formatting.
  2. Create a branch and push your code in the branch.
  3. Please follow PR template to create one.
  4. Please read our Code of Conduct .


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