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    React component for New York City choropleth map


    Live Demo


    Using npm:

    npm install --save react-nyc-choropleth


    Please perform the following steps in preparation

    Step 1: Include leaflet.js's CSS file link in the <head> section of your index.html

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-M2wvCLH6DSRazYeZRIm1JnYyh22purTM+FDB5CsyxtQJYeKq83arPe5wgbNmcFXGqiSH2XR8dT/fJISVA1r/zQ==" crossorigin=""/>

    Step 2: Obtain a free mapboxAccessToken from Mapbox. You have to create an account to obtain this token


    import React from 'react';
    import ReactNYC from 'react-nyc-choropleth';
    class Example extends React.Component {
      render() {
        const mapboxAccessToken = "" // Your access token
        const mapboxType = "streets";
        const position = [40.7831, -73.9712];
        const zoom = 12;
        const data = [
            name: "Chelsea",
            values: [{label: "Population", val: 20000}, {label: "Restaurants", val: "690"}],
            color: "#E31A1C"
        const neighborhoodStyle = { weight: 1, opacity: 1, color: '#666', dashArray: '3', fillOpacity: 0.7 };
        const neighborhoodHoverStyle = { weight: 5, color: '#FFF', dashArray: '1', fillOpacity: 0.7 };
        const excludeNeighborhoods = ["Liberty Island", "Ellis Island"];
        return (
              mapboxAccessToken={mapboxAccessToken} // Required
              mapHeight="800px" // Required
    export default Example;


    The ReactNYC component accepts the following props

    Name Type Default Req/Opt Description
    mapboxAccessToken string Required Access Token from Mapbox
    mapHeight string Required Height of the map
    mapWidth string 100% Optional Width of the map. Default value is 100% of the containing element
    className string Optional Class name to be applied to the map
    mapboxType string streets Optional Mapbox provides many types of map themes. This component supports 5 such themes: light, dark, streets, outdoors, and satellite. Default value is streets
    mapCenter array [40.7831, -73.9712] Optional Geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) where the map should be centered. Default value is [40.7831, -73.9712]
    mapZoom integer 12 Optional Initial zoom level for the map. Default value is 12
    mapScrollZoom boolean false Optional Indicates whether the map can be zoomed by using the mouse wheel. Default value is false
    neighborhoodOn boolean true Optional Indicates whether the neighborhood tiles should be displayed. Default value is true
    tooltip boolean true Optional Indicates whether the tooltip should appear when hovering over a neighborhood tile. Default value is true
    tooltipSticky boolean false Optional If true, the tooltip will follow the mouse instead of being fixed at the feature center. Default value is false
    neighborhoodStyle object Optional Style of the neighborhood tile. This overrides the default style, which is { weight: 1, opacity: 1, color: '#666', dashArray: '3', fillOpacity: 0.7 }
    neighborhoodHoverStyle object Optional Style of the neighborhood tile when hovered over. This overrides the default style, which is { weight: 5, color: '#FFF', dashArray: '1', fillOpacity: 0.7 }
    excludeNeighborhoods array Optional To exclude any neighborhoods from the map, provide the neighborhood names in an array. Default will show all 38 neighborhoods
    data array Optional See the Data section below for details

    Note on hover styles: To ensure that the tile style behaves as expected when hovered over and away from the tile, please include matching CSS properties in both neighborhoodStyle and neighborhoodHoverStyle. For example, if the fillOpacity CSS property is defined in neighborhoodStyle, then please define fillOpacity in neighborhoodHoverStyle as well, and vice versa. Otherwise, some properties assigned during hover will remain even when hovered away and vice versa.


    The data prop is an array of objects. Each object is dedicated to a neighborhood and must have the following keys:

    • name: Name of the neighborhood
    • values: Array of objects with keys label and val
    • color: Color of the neighborhood tile. If color is unspecified, the default color for all tiles is #FFEDA0

    For example, if you want to highlight the below neighborhoods with their data, then simply pass the below data array of objects.

    const data = [
        name: "Chelsea",
        values: [{label: "Population", val: 20000}, {label: "Restaurants", val: "690"}],
        color: "#E31A1C"
        name: "Upper West Side",
        values: [{label: "Population", val: "20,000"}],
        color: "#666"

    ColorBrewer is a nice tool that helps you choose nice colors for neighborhood tiles


    There are 38 New York City (Manhattan) neighborhoods shown on the map

    Neighborhood Neighborhood Neighborhood Neighborhood
    Battery Park City Governors Island Marble Hill Spanish Harlem
    Central Harlem Gramercy Midtown East Stuyvesant Town
    Central Park Greenwich Village Midtown West Tribeca
    Chelsea Hamilton Heights Morningside Heights Two Bridges
    Chinatown Hell's Kitchen Murray Hill Upper East Side
    City Hall Area Inwood NoHo Upper West Side
    East Village Kips Bay Nolita Washington Heights
    Ellis Island Liberty Island Randall's Island West Village
    Financial District Little Italy Roosevelt Island
    Flatiron District Lower East Side SoHo





    npm i react-nyc-choropleth

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