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    🔔 react-notification-timeline

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    react-notification-timeline is a reactjs based component helps in managing the notifications in time-based manner. It is capable of keep tracking of the incoming notifications, manage read vs unread messages and allows many more customizations.

    🔥 Why do you need this?

    • 👉 Is your project is based on react js and you are looking for a time-based notification system?
    • 👉 Do you want to keep track of the notifications in timed manner and manage them ?
    • 👉 Do you want to structure the notifications in a cleaner way?
    • 👉 Do you want to manage multi-line notifications?
    • 👉 Do you limit the number of notifications you may want to see?

    Then, you should give react-notification-timeline a try.

    Here are some screen-shots

    • Notification Componet with the unread message count

    • Notification Componet with the messages as a pop-over

    notification with messages

    Live Demo

    Netlify Status

    A Live demo of the component is available here, 💻 CLICK FOR DEMO

    Many Thanks to all the Stargazers who has supported this project with stars()

    Stargazers repo roster for @atapas/notifyme

    ⚒️ How to use?


    You can install react-notification-timeline using npm or yarn.

    npm i react-notification-timeline
    yarn add react-notification-timeline


    Once installed, it can be imported into a react component as,

    import NotifyMe from 'react-notification-timeline';


    Here is an example usage,

      heading='Notification Alerts'
      markAsReadFn={() => yourOwnFunctionHandler()}


    CLICK ME to know the details of the properties

    Property Description Required Example
    color Color of the notification bell. Pass a color to customize it. No Color in Hexacode, rgb or string name. Default value is, #FFFFFF
    data Messages to show as notifications. This is expected to be an array of objects. Each of the object must have two properties.
    • timestamp: The timestamp of the time a message was generated. This must be a of a type long and represent a timestamp.
    • update: The message to show as notification.
    Note: The keys names, timestamp and update can be customized as explained in other properties below.
           "update":"70 new employees are shifted",
           "update":"Time to take a Break, TADA!!!",
    heading A header message for the Notification panel. Pass a message to customize it. No Any string of your choice. Default value is, Notifications
    multiLineSplitter In case a notification message has to be splitted into multiple (bullet) items, you can specify a line splitter character in-between. No Any Character like, # or a sequence of characters, #$#. Default value is, \n
    notific_key Key in the data property that holds the timestamp value. Yes timestamp, attime or any string based key name in the data property.
    notific_value key in the data property that holds the notification message value. Yes update, message or any string based key name in the data property.
    showDate Notification message shows the date and time along with the message. Pass false for this property, if you do not want to show it. Pass true otherwise. No true or false. Default value is, false
    size Size of the notification bell. Pass a Size to customize it. No Size values as, 16, 32, 48 etc. Default value is, 32
    sortedByKey Pass true, if the data passed to this component is already sorted by time-based key. Pass false otherwise, the component will take care of the time based sorting. No true or false. Default value is, true
    storageKey It stores the last read message key in localstorage of the browser. No Any string of your choice as a key. Default value is, notification_timeline_storage_id
    markAsRead User can control the functionality of "Mark All As Read" by passing the function as prop as below markAsReadFn = {() => yourOwnFunctionHandler()} No Now "Mark All As Read" can be controlled by passing your own function as prop. Default functionality is,
    • We will clear the notification count.
    • Update the reactLocalStore with the latest notification key.
    • We will set the readIndex to 0 - which is used to highlight the unread notifications.

    🏷️ License

    Copyright © 2020 by Tapas Adhikary

    This project is licensed under MIT license.

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    I would love to get your feedback. Please use the github issues for submitting any feedback. At the same time, please join hands in improving the component further by fixing bugs, adding features.

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    Tapas Adhikary

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    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


    npm i react-notification-timeline

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