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    react-native-web-refresh-control NPM Version

    Drop-in RefreshControl component for web

    Installation and Configuration

    npm i react-native-web-refresh-control

    If you're using Expo

    You can go ahead and use the package!

    If you're NOT using Expo

    You will need to configure webpack to parse JSX in node_modules/react-native-web-refresh-control.

    1. Eject from react-scripts with npm run eject. Make sure to know what ejecting is before doing it.
    2. Modify the main babel-loader module in config/webpack.config.js.
      • Replace include: paths.appSrc, with include: [paths.appSrc, /node_modules\/react-native-web-refresh-control/],


    react-native-web-refresh-control exports two properties:

    • patchFlatListProps is a function that you can call at some point, while your app is loading. It replaces the default value of the refreshControl prop of FlatList

    • RefreshControl can be used to easily give ScrollView a pull-to-refresh functionality, just like the RefreshControl exported from react-native. However, if you used the RefreshControl from react-native, it would not work on the web. To see how to do this, check out this snack:

    Example of RefreshControl

    import { RefreshControl } from 'react-native-web-refresh-control'
          <RefreshControl refreshing={refreshing} onRefresh={reloadLines} />
       <Text>This scrollview will have pull-to-refresh functionality on the web</Text>

    Example of patchFlatListProps

    // index.js
    import { patchFlatListProps } from 'react-native-web-refresh-control'
    import App from './App'

    Customize flat list refresh control for web

    • patchFlatListProps takes optional options to customize the refresh control:
    • To customize refresh control for iOS and Android, please see RefreshControl API
    option Type Description default
    colors array If tintColor is not defined, it uses the first color in the array for refresh indicator.
    enabled boolean Whether the pull to refresh functionality is enabled. true
    size RefreshControl.SIZE Size of the refresh indicator. RefreshLayoutConsts.SIZE.DEFAULT
    tintColor color The color of the refresh indicator.
    title string The title displayed under the refresh indicator.
    titleColor color The color of the refresh indicator title.
    • Example
    // index.js
    import { patchFlatListProps } from 'react-native-web-refresh-control'
    import App from './App'
    // make refresh control red
    patchFlatListProps({tintColor: 'red'})


    npm i react-native-web-refresh-control

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