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React Native Tree Band

A Tree Band is a data lifeline for a tree structured data, The TreeBand Components will help you to easily navigate in your data. RNTreeBand uses Promises to move from a node to another one. Want a Component to trace you tree line? You've got choice between TreeView band and DoubleChoice band

TreeView DoubleChoice
TreeView DoubleChoice


To install run commands:

$ npm i -s react-native-tree-band


$ yarn add react-native-tree-band


Default Test

import {DoubleChoice, TreeView} from 'react-native-tree-band'
    // ...
        <DoubleChoice />
        <TreeView />
    // ...

Simple Test

const stuffs = {
    'foods': [
        {label: 'Donut'},
        {label: 'Hot Dog'},
        {label: 'Pizza'},
    cars: [
        {label: 'Mc Lauren'},
        {label: 'Nissan', type: 'nissan'},
    nissan: [
        {label: 'FS 0004'},
        {label: 'FS 008'},
const options = [
 {label: 'Food', type: 'foods', key: 0},
 {label: 'Cars', type: 'cars', key: 1},
 {label: 'Pizza', type: 'pizzas', key: 2} 
const getOptionsForDoubleChoice = async ({item, options, index}) => {
    return item.type ? [] : (stuffs[item.type] || [])
const getOptionsForTreeView = async ({item, index}) => {
    // maybe await for something
    return item.type ? [] : (stuffs[item.type] || [])
class MyComponent extends Component {
        // ...
                initialOptions = {options}
                getOptions = {getOptionsForDoubleChoice}
                initialOptions = {options}
                getOptions = {getOptionsForTreeView}
        // ...

Use of Components

RNTB was built as every part of the componennt can be stylized the way you want, just by passing some style props.

List Of props

name Type default Details With
style StyleSheet Object none Stylize the bandParent (see Component tructure) Both
bandHeight number 30 Height of the band Both
bandStyle StyleSheet Object none Band style ex: {top:70, width: '100%'} Both
initialOptions Array of Option (see Option structure) default Array of main options show on start Both
dropdownCollapse number 5 Margin around Dropdowns Both
getOptions function default Function to call to determine subOptions (next Options) Both
dropdownStyle Object none Main dropdown style (see dropdownStyle) Both
itemDropdownStyle Object none Sub-item dropdown style (see dropdownStyle) DoubleChoice
optionLabels Object none Labels for delete and Modify Buttons (see optionLabels) DoubleChoice
single boolean (or just presence) false Make List of Choice unique for use DoubleChoice
autoPress boolean (or just presence) false Make subchoice open after main choice is done DoubleChoice

Options (getOptions and initialOptions)

If you read the previous Simple Test section, you can see there are async functions that are called each time the tree changes, and the returned list are used in dropdown to compute the next tree level, these are options computed by the passed getOption function prop. Thus, at the begining the Component needs a start point, the initial list of choice initialOptions.

Options is an array of object with label property, and eventualy with key property. Otherwise you can add any other properties as you want.

  • label is used in for displaying on dropdown and others and is required,
  • key is used only on DoubleChoice if you use single prop.
const options = [
 {label: 'Food', key: 0, ...},
 {label: 'Cars', key: 1, ...},
 {label: 'Pizza', key: 2, ...} 

dropdownStyle and itemDropdownStyle

These props are object with some keys used to stylize the dropdown. There are ssseven keys

render = () => (<TreeView
dropdownStyle = {{
  dropdown : {backgroundColor: '#444'},
  item : {borderBottomWidth: 0},
  itemText : {color: 'white'},
  remove : {backgroundColor: 'darkred'},
  removeText : {color: 'white'},
  modify : {backgroundColor: 'blue'},
  modifyText :{color: 'white', fontSize: 30}
  • dropdown : For the dropdown element View
  • item : For the dropdown item View
  • itemText : For the dropdown item Text
  • remove : For remove button (only with DoubleChoice)
  • removeText : For remove button text (only with DoubleChoice)
  • modify : For modify button (only with DoubleChoice)
  • modifyText : For modify button text (only with DoubleChoice)

optionLabels (DoubleChoice only)

optionLabels is an Object label props for options in DoubleChoice.

// ...
optionLabels = {{
  remove: "Remove it bro 😣",
  confirmRemove: "Please don't 😥",
  modify: "Change it bro! 😆"


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