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🐝 React Native Template Clean Architecture

This is a template for creating React Native projects based on Clean Architecture with preconfigured libraries for design, functionality, and navigation.


  • Pre-configured ProximaNova font
  • Pre-configured libraries 'React Native Vector Icons' and 'Eva Icons' for icons
  • Pre-configured folder structure for the Clean Architecture
  • Preconfigured 'React Native Asset' library to automatically link fonts
  • Navigation using react-navigation (v6)
  • State management using redux
  • Redux middleware redux-saga
  • Use of the Ui-Kitten design system to build stunning and consistent interfaces using atomic components by following the Eva Design System specifications.
  • Use of Babel Plugin Module Resolver for static paths of project folders, configured in babel.config.js

⚠️ Prerequisites

  1. Make sure that you have followed the environment setup instructions properly from the official React Native docs.

  2. The installation command will fail if you have the global legacy react-native-cli and react-native installed in your machine. Make sure you uninstall it first:

yarn global remove react-native react-native-cli

or if using npm

npm uninstall -g react-native react-native-cli

▶️ Usage

Generate a React Native (0.70.6) app using the ahc2806/react-native-template-clean-architecture template:

  npx react-native init ProjectName --template react-native-template-clean-architecture
  cd ProjectName

You might also be prompted to confirm the installation for the package react-native. Simply hit enter to proceed.

The template will automatically install the npm dependencies and the pods (if you are on the MacOS).

Usage with older versions of React Native

e.g. react-native@0.70.x

npx react-native init ProjectName --template react-native-template-clean-architecture@0.2.4

See the below table to find out which version of the template to use.

React Native <=> Template Version

React Native Template
0.70 0.0.*
0.71 0.4.*

🔖 License

This project is MIT licensed.

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