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Themeable toaster component for React Native using Styled Components & Styled System.

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  • Pure JS implementation
  • Supports multiple toasts
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Styled with theme contraints
  • Written using React Hooks
  • Fully typed with TypeScript


$ yarn add react-native-styled-toast


react-native-styled-toast uses styled-components and styled-system under the hood, so please ensure you have these installed in your project. It also makes use of the Constants API from expo-constants, so you will need that too.

Because this component relies on theming, you need to ensure that you've wrapped your app in the ThemeProvider component from styled-components - then use the ToastProvider and wrap the rest of your app:

import { ThemeProvider } from 'styled-components'
import { ToastProvider } from 'react-native-styled-toast'
return (
  <ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
      <App />

Now that your app has access to the Toast context, you can make use of the provided useToast hook to trigger a notification anywhere in your app:

import { useToast } from 'react-native-styled-toast'
const { toast } = useToast()
return <Button onPress={() => toast({ message: 'Check me out!', ...config })} />

If you aren't able to make use of hooks for whatever reason, you can still use the provided ToastContext.Consumer

import { ToastContext } from 'react-native-styled-toast'
return (
    {({ toast }) => {
      return (
          onPress={() =>
              message: 'Woo! This is a success toast.'
          title="Show Success Toast"

This component relies on styled-system to access colors from your theme. So you need to ensure that your theme object is configured correctly. Please refer to the styled-system docs. Your theme object should contain at least a spacing scale with some default colors, it should looks something like this:

export default {
  space: [0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40, 48],
  colors: {
    text: '#0A0A0A',
    background: '#FFF',
    border: '#E2E8F0',
    muted: '#F0F1F3',
    success: '#7DBE31',
    error: '#FC0021'

By default, react-native-styled-toast references the following theme color keys for their respective properties:

background (default toast background)
text (default toast text color)
success (default success accent color)
error (default error accent color)
muted (default close button bg color)

If your colors object in your theme does not contain these, you can customize these values in the toast configuration object. E.g:

const { toast } = useToast()
<Button onPress={() => toast({ bg: 'myBgColor', color: 'myTextColor' })} />

Dark Mode Compatible 🌗

Because of the theming capability of react-native-styled-toast, it has out of the box support for dark mode. All you need to do is ensure the color keys you're using for your different modes are the same



Prop Type Required Description Default
position enum no Sets the position of the toasts TOP
offset number no Overrides the default offset from the top / bottom Constants.statusBarHeight + 16


Prop Type Required Description Default
bg string no Sets the background color of the toast background
color string no Sets the text color of the toast text
message string yes Text message that gets rendered Toast Message!
subMessage string no Sub message that gets rendered below message undefined
duration number no ms duration of toast before auto closing. 0 = infinite. 3000
onPress func no Function that gets exectuted onPress of toast () => false
borderColor string no Sets border color of toast border
intent enum no Updates icon and accent color based on intent. SUCCESS
closeButtonBgColor string no Sets bg color of the close button muted
closeIconColor string no Sets the color of the close icon text
closeIconBorderRadius number no Sets the border radius of the close icon container 4
shouldVibrate boolean no Toggles whether phone vibrates on notification false

Toast icon by ultimatearm from www.flaticon.com


npm i react-native-styled-toast

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