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A React Native SnackBar component with configurable dialog. Pull Requests are welcomed.

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Why react-native-snackbar-dialog-options?

  • Flexible - Display as a popup message or a dialog
  • Controllable - Everything is just JavaScript and React Native
  • Simple - No configuration on the RootContainer and Redux


A SnackBar component that can display inline:
Inline Mode

And also can display as dialog:
Flat Mode


yarn add react-native-snackbar-dialog-options

Basic Usage

import SnackBar from 'react-native-snackbar-dialog-options'

Render inline always shows SnackBar without any buttons.'Making the world happier', { isStatic: true })

Controlling the show/hide logic with the onAutoDismiss callback with 8 seconds duration (default: 5 seconds).'Making the world happier', { duration: 8000 })

An inline SnackBar with an action button, triggering dismiss after confirm.'Making the world happier', {
  confirmText: 'Learn more',
  onConfirm: () => {
    console.log('Thank you')

A SnackBar dialog with separated row action button display.'Making the world happier', {
  confirmText: 'Learn more',
  id: 'CUSTOM_ID', // Custom ID to avoid duplicated items being added to the queue, which in turn to be shown multiple time
  tapToClose: true, // Default is false, if set, tapping on the SnackBar will dismiss it
  onConfirm: () => {
    console.log('Thank you')
  cancelText: 'No thanks',
  onCancel: () => {
    console.log('Hope to see you again')

A SnackBar with configurable style.'Making the world happier', {
  style: { marginBottom: 20 },
  backgroundColor: 'white',
  buttonColor: 'blue',
  textColor: 'yellow'

A SnackBar at the top.'Making the world happier', {
  position: 'top' // default to bottom

A SnackBar with nested actions. Always dismiss current SnackBar before showing a new one using the dismiss callback.

SnackBar.add('Making the world happier', {
  confirmText: 'Learn more',
  onConfirm: () => {
    console.log('Thank you')
    SnackBar.dismiss(() => {'Stay unstoppable!')

A SnackBar with custom content.

SnackBar.add('Making the world happier', {
  renderContent: () => <View><Text>Hello!</Text></View>

Flow Control

This library handles messages order with peace of mind. Calling these functions will show the message immediately if there is no active item. Callback is optional, but it is suggested to use for flow control.

  •, options, [callback])
    Give highest priority to show among all Snack messages.

  • SnackBar.add(title, options, [callback])
    Enqueue and show it one by one when calling the dismiss function.

  • SnackBar.dismiss([callback])
    Control when and where to dismiss an active item, e.g. onConfirm and onCancel props action.

Complete Example

import React, { Component } from 'react'
import { Text } from 'react-native'
import SnackBar from 'react-native-snackbar-dialog-options'
export default class App extends Component {
  onPress = () => {'Making the world happier', { isStatic: true })
  render() {
    return (
        style={{ justifyContent: 'center', alignItems: 'center', padding: 100 }} onPress={this.onPress}
        Open SnackBar

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