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React Native Siren

The React Native port of the popular Siren / Harpy Pod and eventually Gradle


npm install react-native-siren --save
react-native link


import Siren from 'react-native-siren'

const defaultOptions = {
  title: 'AwesomeApp has a new update!'

const versionSpecificRules = [{
  localVersion: '3.0.2',
  forceUpgrade: true,
  title: 'Update your app now',
  message: 'This version contains a bug that might corrupt your data. You must update to be able to use our app.'

Siren.promptUser(defaultOptions, versionSpecificRules)

// or

Siren.performCheck().then(({ updateIsAvailable }) => {
  if (updateIsAvailable) {


value Description default
title Alert title Update Available
message Alert Message There is an updated version available on the App Store. Would you like to upgrade?
buttonUpgradeText Upgrade Button Text Upgrade
buttonCancelText Cancel Button Text Cancel
forceUpgrade Hide Cancel Button false

Version-specific rules

There might be situations where you'd like to specify rules dynamically based on what version the device is currently running. If so, pass an array as second argument.

value Description
localVersion version currently running on the device
title, message.. same options as specified in the Options section

performCheck options

Optional, in some cases it may be necessary to perform a specific check. The app may only be available in some countries, so you need to make explicit the contry code.

value Description default
bundleId id that identifies the app (ex: DeviceInfo.getBundleId()
country ISO 3166-1 country code undefined (the API won't filter by country)



Can't I just use CodePush?

For most things yes, and you should. Sometimes there are limitations to code-push, and you're just stuck shipping a new version when the change is significant. When code-push fails, Siren will help.

One goal of this repo is to eventually work with code-push versions along side actual version changes.

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