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    A simple React Native component that takes an array of data and renders a SectionList with alphabetically (or custom) sorted data.



    Unlike alternatives, this package takes an array of data rather than an object with letters as keys.

    For example,

    Other packages

    const data = {
      A: [{...}, ...],
      B: [{...}, ...],
      C: [{...}, ...],

    This package

    const data = [{...}, {...}, {...}, ...]

    For react-native-section-alphabet-list, the data does not need to be pre-formatted and sorted before use. The component handles all this logic internally. You can also provide an array of characters to sort your sections in a custom order.


    Using npm:

    npm install react-native-section-alphabet-list

    or with yarn:

    yarn add react-native-section-alphabet-list

    Basic Usage

    import { AlphabetList } from "react-native-section-alphabet-list";
    const data = [
      { value: 'Lillie-Mai Allen', key: 'lCUTs2' },
      { value: 'Emmanuel Goldstein', key: 'TXdL0c' },
      { value: 'Winston Smith', key: 'zqsiEw' },
      { value: 'William Blazkowicz', key: 'psg2PM' },
      { value: 'Gordon Comstock', key: '1K6I18' },
      { value: 'Philip Ravelston', key: 'NVHSkA' },
      { value: 'Rosemary Waterlow', key: 'SaHqyG' },
      { value: 'Julia Comstock', key: 'iaT1Ex' },
      { value: 'Mihai Maldonado', key: 'OvMd5e' },
      { value: 'Murtaza Molina', key: '25zqAO' },
      { value: 'Peter Petigrew', key: '8cWuu3' },
    render() {
      return (
            color: 'blue', 
            fontSize: 15,
          renderCustomItem={(item) => (
            <View style={styles.listItemContainer}>
              <Text style={styles.listItemLabel}>{item.value}</Text>
          renderCustomSectionHeader={(section) => (
            <View style={styles.sectionHeaderContainer}>
              <Text style={styles.sectionHeaderLabel}>{section.title}</Text>



    Prop Description Type Signature (func) Default
    data List of objects to be sorted and rendered in the SectionList. Each item must have both a value property and unique a key property. array
    index (optional) The characters used to sort each item into sections. These characters are rendered on the right-hand side and clicking on each item scrolls the user to its respective section. The default is the letters of the alphabet. array ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f', ...] (see DEFAULT_CHAR_INDEX here)
    renderCustomItem (optional) Render a row in the SectionList. Should return a valid React Element. func { item: { value: string, key: string } } : ReactElement
    renderCustomSectionHeader (optional) Render a section header in the SectionList. Should return a valid React Element. func { section: { title: string, index: number, data: array } } : ReactElement
    renderCustomListHeader (optional) Render a list header in the SectionList. Should return a valid React Element. func
    renderCustomIndexLetter (optional) Render a custom index letter element. Should return a valid React Element. func { item: { title: string, index: number, data: array }, index: number, onPress: func } : ReactElement
    getItemHeight (optional) For sectionListGetItemLayout. This may be necessary if each item has a dynamic height. This allows for smooth scrolling and accurate positioning when scrolling to a section. func { sectionIndex: number, rowIndex: number } : number
    sectionHeaderHeight (optional) The height of the section header. number 40
    listHeaderHeight (optional) The height of the list header. number 0
    letterListContainerStyle (optional) Override the style of the letter list container. object undefined
    indexContainerStyle (optional) Override the style of the list index container. object undefined
    indexLetterStyle (optional) Override the style of the list letter index text. object undefined
    indexLetterContainerStyle (optional) Override the style of the list letter index container. object undefined
    uncategorizedAtTop (optional) If true, the uncategorised items (the # section) is moved to the top of the list. boolean false

    You can also provide any valid SectionList props. A list of available props can be found here.

    Custom index

    You can provide a custom array of characters to the component using the index prop. For example, if we wanted to sort alphabetically in-reverse, we could do:

    const customIndex = [


    Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

    Please make sure to update the tests as appropriate.




    npm i react-native-section-alphabet-list

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