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    React Native Scalable Image

    React Native <Image/> component does not keep the image aspect ratio, which results in the image being stretched or cropped. react-native-scalable-image solves this problem by calculating the image size and resizing the image when rendering.

    This library provides an <Image/> component which scales width or height automatically to keep the aspect ratio. It is useful when you don't know the aspect ratio in advance (e.g. user-uploaded content) but want to display the entire image and limit it only by width or height to fit the container component.

    The following example creates an image which fits the full screen width and keeps the aspect ratio:

    import React from 'react';
    import { Dimensions } from 'react-native';
    import Image from 'react-native-scalable-image';
    const image = (
           width={Dimensions.get('window').width} // height will be calculated automatically
           source={{uri: '<image uri>'}}


    npm install react-native-scalable-image --save


    Specify width or height which may be calculated dynamically like in the example above. All other props are the same as in regular React Native <Image/> component.


    name type default description
    height number none Maximum image height
    width number none Maximum image width
    background boolean false Set to true when used as a background
    component React.ReactNode none Custom image component
    onPress function none onPress callback
    onSize function none Is called with { width, height } as the first arg once image size is calculated


    The latest major version of react-native-scalable-image is implemented with hooks. If you are using a pre-hooks React version please use react-native-scalable-image version 0.5.1

    React Version Scalable Image Version
    < 16.8 0.5.1
    >= 16.8 > 1.0.0


    npm i react-native-scalable-image

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