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    React-Native Radio Button

    Just a simple radio button for React-Native.

    Install it with NPM...

    • Run npm install --save react-native-radio-button
    • Require it with import RadioButton from 'react-native-radio-button'

    ...or just copy it in your project

    You can just copy RadioButton.js in your project and use it directly (react-native-animatable is required to make it work this way).


    Not much to say here, the component itself is just presentational: you must handle the logic outside of it:

      onPress={() => doSomething('hello')}

    Available props

    Prop Description Default
    size Size of the Radio Button. 16
    innerColor Color of the inner circle. dodgerblue
    outerColor Color of the outer circle. dodgerblue
    isSelected Is this Radio Button selected? false
    onPress Function invoked on button press. None

    The Radio Button is animated by the awesome react-native-animatable.
    To enable the animation you can just pass it any react-native-animatable props (e.g. animation, duration, etc...).
    Hint: animation={'bounceIn'} is the animation that you can see in the preview gif above.

    Stateless component info

    As you can see by taking a look at RadioButton.js the component is plain simple and you can modify it easily.
    If you're interested there's also a version of it written in a more function style here.


    npm i react-native-radio-button

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