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# react-native-pull

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Announcement: Due to work changed, I have no more time to maintain the project. I suggest that you need to directly integrate the code and customize the changes. Sorry...

This is the PullView & PullList component in React Native both for Android and iOS, pull to refresh, very useful & easily & quickly!

This is a JavaScript-only implementation of PullView & PullList in React Native. PullView can host multiple components and views like ScrollView, PullList can efficient display of vertically scrolling lists of changing data like ListView. Better than ScrollView & ListView in Android, this PullView & PullList can be pull down, then show top indicator, the top indicator have three state: pulling, pullok, pullrelease. And more, PullView also can make you use refreshControl to provide pull-to-refresh same as scrollview. PullList also can make you use any props like ListView. You also can design yourself topIndicator with animation during the process of pulling or pushing using function topIndicatorRender and onPushing.

PullView & PullList demo project:

PullView Demo

PullView Usage

  1. Run npm install react-native-pull@latest --save
  2. Code like this:
import {PullView} from 'react-native-pull';

onPullRelease(resolve) {
  //do something
  setTimeout(() => {
      }, 3000);

<PullView onPullRelease={this.onPullRelease}>
  //<Children />
  1. Full demo code:

PullList Demo

PullList Usage

  1. Run npm install react-native-pull@latest --save
  2. Code like this:
  import {PullList} from 'react-native-pull';

  onPullRelease(resolve) {
    //do something
    setTimeout(() => {
      }, 3000);

  <PullList onPullRelease={this.onPullRelease} {...and some ListView Props}/>
  1. Full demo code:

PullView & PullList configuration

Pull down props for PullView & PullList

  • style: stylesheet of component, set width/height/flex/backgroudColor... etc
  • onPulling: handle function when pulling
  • onPullOk: handle function when pullok
  • onPullRelease: handle function when pullrelease, access 1 argument: resolve. You should invoke resolve() in the end.
  • topIndicatorRender: top indicator render function, access 4 argument: ispulling, ispullok, ispullrelease, gesturePosition. you can design yourself topIndicator with animation when pulling using gesturePosition.
  • topIndicatorHeight: top indicator height, require if define topIndicatorRender
  • isPullEnd: whether release pull, if true, will hide top indicator, not require

Push up props for PullView & PullList

  • onPushing: handle function when pushing up, access 1 argument: gesturePosition. gesturePosition contain value {x,y}. gesturePosition.y > 0 when pulling down, gesturePosition.y < 0 when pushing up.

Just for PullView, refreshcontrol props support onRefresh & refreshing if you want to use refreshcontrol like scrollview.

  • onRefresh: Called when the view starts refreshing
  • refreshing: Whether the view should be indicating an active refresh.


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