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React Native LibUI

Create UIs for every platform using the best view framework.

Quick Start

First off, you'll need to have node-gyp setup.

After that make sure you have all the dependencies installed for libui.

npm install --save react-native-libui

Then inside your package.json, add a few scripts to handle building:

"watch""rn-libui <my entry file> --watch",
"build""rn-libui-build <my entry file> <my output folder> --platform <linux|darwin|windows>",

When you want to work on your project, do npm run watch. This will automatically watch your files and restart the GUI when needed. When you're ready to release your project, do npm run build. This will produce everything you need to package your program with no dependencies.

To Do

We've got a lot of stuff left that needs to be finished. Check the issues for more.