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React Native component that notifies if the user is not active (i.e. when the app surface hasn't been touched for more than a certain amount of ms).

Why this Module?

By utilizing this module, you can activate or deactivate the timer, loop, and access numerous other features. Most importantly, it remains updated and very easy to use.


npm install react-native-inactivity


yarn add react-native-inactivity


import ReactNativeInactivity from "react-native-inactivity";

export default function InactivityTimer() {
  const [inactivityTimeoutCount, setInactivityTimeoutCount] = React.useState(0);
  const [isActive, __] = React.useState(true);
  const [loop, _] = React.useState(true);
  return (
    <View style={{ flex: 1, paddingTop: "20%" }}>
        onInactive={() => setInactivityTimeoutCount(inactivityTimeoutCount + 1)}
        <Button title="User Inactivity Area" color={"black"} />
        <View style={{ justifyContent: "center", alignItems: "center", flex: 1 }}>
          <Text style={{ color: "black" }}>Timeout Count: {inactivityTimeoutCount}</Text>


interface ReactNativeInactivityProps {
   * Number of milliseconds after which the view is considered inactive.
   * If timeForInactivity changes, the timer will be reset.
   * It defaults to `2000`.
  timeForInactivity?: number;
   * This is used to toggle the timer on or off.
   * When set to `false`, the timer will stop, and the onInactive callback will never be called.
   * When set to `true`, the timer will be reset, restarted,
   * and after expiration, onInactive will be called.
   * It defaults to `true`.
  isActive?: boolean;
   * Children components to embed inside ReactNativeInactivity's View. If the
   * user does not press the children component for timeForInactivity ms
   * and the timer is active, we will call the onInactive callback.
  children: React.ReactNode;
   * Callback will trigger when ReactNativeInactivity's View isn't touched for more than
   * `timeForInactivity` milliseconds.
   * This function will only be called once every time after the timer expires.
  onInactive: () => void;
   * If set to `false` then the timer will not restart automatically
   * after the view is considered inactive.
   * If the value changes from `false` to `true` and the timer is expired
   * and isActive is `true`, timer will reset/restart.
   * It defaults to `true`.
  loop?: boolean;
   * If set to `true`, the timer will restart when the user presses the
   * ReactNativeInactivity's View after it becomes inactive.
   * It will only work if the `loop` prop is set to `false`.
   * It defaults to `false`.
  restartTimerOnActivityAfterExpiration?: boolean;
   * Optional custom style for ReactNativeInactivity's View.
   * It defaults to `{ flex: 1 }`.
  style?: StyleProp<ViewStyle>;

Difference b/w loop & restartTimerOnActivityAfterExpiration Props


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true
  • Description: On true, the module will continuously loop the timer after it reaches expiration.


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false
  • Description: On true, the timer will restart upon detecting any activity after it has expired. This prop is useful in scenarios where you want the timer to reset if any activity occurs after it expires. To make this work, loop must be set to false.


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.



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