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Install via npm:

 npm install react-native-images-collage --save


To use in React Native. Import:

import { DynamicCollage, StaticCollage } from "react-native-images-collage";

Dynamic Collage

A dynamic collage includes panning, scaling, replacing and image arrangement.

    images={ photos }
    matrix={ [ 1, 1, 1, 1 ] }
    isEditButtonVisible: { true | false },
    EditButtonComponent: {() => <YourCustomComponent/>}
    editButtonPosition: { 'top-left' | 'top-right' | 'bottom-left' | 'bottom-right' },
    onEditButtonPress: { (m, i) => { collageRef.current.replaceImage( 'NewImage' , m , i ) } }

Static Collage

A static collage does not include any panning, scaling or arrangement logic. Use this if you want to render multiple non-interactive collages. Same props as the dynamic collage.

<StaticCollage width={400} height={400} images={photos} matrix={[1, 1, 1, 1]} />


Instead of building your own matrix of collage layouts. There is a JSON file you can import which includes multiple layouts. Up to 6 images.

import { LayoutData } from "react-native-images-collage";

You can then access a layout like so:

 matrix={ LayoutData[NumberOfImages][i].matrix }
 direction={ LayoutData[NumberOfImages][i].direction }

The number in the first bracket will be the configuration you want to access. E.g. configuration for 5 images. The second number is the specific layout you want to access e.g. [2, 2, 1]. You will have to inspect the JSON file to find this out.


  • If you want to capture the collage as a single image. Take a look at react-native-view-shot.
  • The number of images has to be equal to the sum of the matrix. e.g. Matrix is [ 1, 2, 1 ] ( 1 + 2 + 1 = 4), there has to be 4 images.
  • The collage scaling will not work when in a Modal component. Multiple touches are not registered.
  • Do NOT update height or width props dynamically to change the size of the collage (as image sizes won't be re-calculated correctly, this is due to a race condition in measuring the layout of the collage). Use ref.current.updateCollageSize({ width, height }) instead to adjust size dynamically.

## Replacing Images

There is a API in DynamicCollage which can be used to replace images. It can be accessed via reference. Setup the ref with the DynamicCollage like so:

const collageRef = useRef(null);


You can then pass the source (url or file asset) m (matrix index) and i (relative image index) to the replaceImage function:

collageRef.current.replaceImage("", m, i);


Prop Type Optional Default Description
width float No Width of component. REQUIRED. Used to calculate image boundaries for switching.
height float No Height of component. REQUIRED. Used to calculate image boundaries for switching.
images array No Images for the collage.
matrix array No An array [ 1, 1, 1 ] equal to the number of images. Used to define the layout.
isEditButtonVisible boolean No A boolean value for the edit button. Used to display the edit button on layout.
EditButtonComponent function Yes Custom Edit button component to be displayed on each image in the layout if the value isEditButtonVisible will be true.
editButtonPosition enum Yes top-left Enum value to set the position of EditButtonComponent on each collage image layout.
editButtonIndent number Yes 20 Number value to set the indentation of EditButtonComponent on each collage image layout.
onEditButtonPress function Yes EditButtonComponent when pressed will be triggered to replace the respective image.
direction string Yes row Direction of the collage: 'row' or 'column'.
panningLeftPadding number Yes 15 Distance image can go beyond the left edge before it is restricted.
panningRightPadding number Yes 15 Distance image can go beyond the right edge before it is restricted.
panningTopPadding number Yes 15 Distance image can go beyond the top edge before it is restricted.
panningBottomPadding number Yes 15 Distance image can go beyond the bottom edge before it is restricted.
scaleAmplifier number Yes 1.0 Amplifier applied to scaling. Increase this for faster scaling of images.
retainScaleOnSwap boolean Yes true Keep the scale (width/height) of image when it is swapped.
longPressDelay number Yes 500 Delay before long press is activated.
longPressSensitivity number Yes 3 Sensitivity of the long press, float of 1 (low) to 10+ (high).
imageStyle object Yes style Default image style.
imageSelectedStyle object Yes style The style applied to the image when it has been selected. Long Pressed.
imageSwapStyle object Yes style The style applied to the target image which is being swapped. E.g red borders
imageSwapStyleReset object Yes style The reverse of imageSwapStyle to reset style after swap. Vital for direct manipulation.
separatorStyle object Yes style Style applied to image container. Use border width to create margin between images.
containerStyle object Yes style Style applied to the container of the collage. Collage border can be applied here.
imageContainerStyle object Yes style Style applied to each image container.
imageFocussedStyle object Yes style Style applied to the focused image container.

API Reference

updateCollageSize({ width, height })

Updates the collage width or height (NOTE: width and height props should always be static)

  • size: Object - new size for collage to be calculated. Currently supported options are:
    • width : number new width of the collage.
    • height : number new height of the collage.

replaceImage(source, m, i)

Replaces an image at the matrix and index of the collage

  • source: string | number - A local file asset or uri
  • m : number the matrix of the collage (you can think of this as the row or column).
  • i : number index inside the matrix (you can think of this as index inside the row or column)


  • Qeepsake - The Text Message Baby Journal on iOS and Android.

If you use the collage in your application then create a pull request to feature it here.


This project is licensed under the MIT License


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Luke Brandon Farrell

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Amogh Jahagirdar


Muhammad Jasim

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Henry Arbolaez

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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