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    React Native Image Resizer

    A React Native module that can create scaled versions of local images (also supports the assets library on iOS).

    react-native react-native-image-resizer
    ≤ 0.60 1.1.0
    0.61 1.2.0


    Install the package:

    • React Native >= 0.60
    yarn add react-native-image-resizer
    cd ios && pod install
    • React Native <= 0.59
    yarn add react-native-image-resizer
    react-native link react-native-image-resizer


    Note: on latest versions of React Native, you may have an error during the Gradle build on Android ( Multiple dex files define Landroid/support/v7/appcompat/R$anim). Run cd android && ./gradlew clean to fix this.

    Manual linking

    Manual link information for Android: Link

    Usage example

    import ImageResizer from 'react-native-image-resizer';
    ImageResizer.createResizedImage(path, maxWidth, maxHeight, compressFormat, quality, rotation, outputPath)
      .then(response => {
        // response.uri is the URI of the new image that can now be displayed, uploaded...
        // response.path is the path of the new image
        // is the name of the new image with the extension
        // response.size is the size of the new image
      .catch(err => {
        // Oops, something went wrong. Check that the filename is correct and
        // inspect err to get more details.

    Sample app

    A basic, sample app is available in the example folder. It uses the module to resize a photo from the Camera Roll.


      rotation = 0,
      keepMeta = false,
      options = {}
    ); // Returns a Promise

    The promise resolves with an object containing: path, uri, name, size (bytes), width (pixels), and height of the new file. The URI can be used directly as the source of an <Image> component.

    Option Description
    path Path of image file, or a base64 encoded image string prefixed with 'data:image/imagetype' where imagetype is jpeg or png.
    width Width to resize to (see mode for more details)
    height Height to resize to (see mode for more details)
    compressFormat Can be either JPEG, PNG or WEBP (android only).
    quality A number between 0 and 100. Used for the JPEG compression.
    rotation Rotation to apply to the image, in degrees, for android. On iOS, rotation is limited (and rounded) to multiples of 90 degrees.
    outputPath The resized image path. If null, resized image will be stored in cache folder. To set outputPath make sure to add option for rotation too (if no rotation is needed, just set it to 0).
    keepMeta If true, will attempt to preserve all file metadata/exif info, except the orientation value since the resizing also does rotation correction to the original image. Defaults to false, which means all metadata is lost. Note: This can only be true for JPEG images which are loaded from the file system (not Web).
    options.mode Similar to react-native Image's resizeMode: either contain (the default), cover, or stretch. contain will fit the image within width and height, preserving its ratio. cover preserves the aspect ratio, and makes sure the image is at least width wide or height tall. stretch will resize the image to exactly width and height.
    options.onlyScaleDown If true, will never enlarge the image, and will only make it smaller.

    👉 About Bam

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    npm i react-native-image-resizer

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