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    Zoom while sliding


    Intelligent zoom


    Getting Started


    npm i react-native-image-pan-zoom --save

    Basic Usage

    • Install create-react-native-app first
    $ npm install -g create-react-native-app
    • Initialization of a react-native project
    $ create-react-native-app AwesomeProject
    • Then, edit AwesomeProject/App.js, like this:
    import { Image, Dimensions } from 'react-native';
    import ImageZoom from 'react-native-image-pan-zoom';
    export default class App extends React.Component {
        render: function() {
            return (
                <ImageZoom cropWidth={Dimensions.get('window').width}
                    <Image style={{width:200, height:200}}


    Props Type Description DefaultValue
    cropWidth(required) number operating area width 100
    cropHeight(required) number operating area height 100
    imageWidth(required) number picture width 100
    imageHeight(required) number picture height 100
    onClick (eventParams: IOnClick)=>void onClick ()=>{}
    onDoubleClick (eventParams: IOnClick)=>void onDoubleClick ()=>{}
    panToMove boolean allow to move picture with one finger true
    pinchToZoom boolean allow scale with two fingers true
    clickDistance number how many finger movement can also trigger onClick 10
    horizontalOuterRangeOffset (offsetX?: number)=>void horizontal beyond the distance, the parent to do picture switching, you can listen to this function. When this function is triggered, you can do the switch operation ()=>{}
    onDragLeft ()=>void trigger to switch to the left of the graph, the left sliding speed exceeds the threshold when triggered ()=>{}
    responderRelease (vx: number)=>void let go but do not cancel ()=>{}
    maxOverflow number maximum sliding threshold 100
    longPressTime number long press threshold 800
    onLongPress (eventParams: IOnClick)=>void on longPress ()=> {}
    doubleClickInterval number time allocated for second click to be considered as doublClick event 175
    onMove ( position: IOnMove )=>void reports movement position data (helpful to build overlays) ()=> {}
    centerOn { x: number, y: number, scale: number, duration: number } if given this will cause the map to pan and zoom to the desired location undefined
    enableSwipeDown boolean for enabling vertical movement if user doesn't want it false
    enableCenterFocus boolean for disabling focus on image center if user doesn't want it true
    onSwipeDown () => void function that fires when user swipes down null
    swipeDownThreshold number threshold for firing swipe down function 230
    minScale number minimum zoom scale 0.6
    maxScale number maximum zoom scale 10
    useNativeDriver boolean Whether to animate using useNativeDriver false
    onStartShouldSetPanResponder () => boolean Override onStartShouldSetPanResponder behavior () => true
    onMoveShouldSetPanResponder () => boolean Override onMoveShouldSetPanResponder behavior undefined
    onPanResponderTerminationRequest () => boolean Override onMoveShouldSetPanResponder behavior () => false
    useHardwareTextureAndroid boolean for disabling rendering to hardware texture on Android true
    Method params Description
    reset Reset the position and the scale of the image
    resetScale Reset the scale of the image
    centerOn ICenterOn Centers the image in the position indicated. ICenterOn={ x: number, y: number, scale: number, duration: number }

    Development pattern

    Step 1, run TS listener

    After clone this repo, then:

    npm install
    npm start

    Step 2, run demo

    cd demo
    npm install
    npm start

    Then, scan the QR, use your expo app.

    Contributors ✨

    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):



    Thomas P.


    Juan Di Toro


    Alhaytham Elhassan


    Alexander Pataridze


    Peter Xu


    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!



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