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Gifted Messenger

Ready-to-use chat interface for iOS and Android React-Native apps


0.1.0 - Breaking changes for a better Gifted Messenger

  • Breaking: appendMessage, prependMessage are now deprecated, messages list are now managed only using states - See example
  • Breaking: All messages should now contain a uniqueId property
  • Breaking: setMessageStatus is now deprecated, use the message attribute status instead
  • Breaking: New prop isLoadingEarlierMessages to display a loader when loading earlier messages
  • New prop typingMessage for displaying 'User is typing a message...'
  • New prop leftControlBar - PR @gnl
  • Android improvements
  • react-native-parsed-text has been re-implemented
  • ESLint implementation - PR @sethx
  • ES6 & Example refactoring
  • Fixing scroll when loading earlier messages
  • Various fixes and improvements by @swapkats, @ianlin, @zxcpoiu, @cnjon
  • Special thanks to @yogiben, @koppelaar & @sethx for their contributions


  • New prop: dateLocale - @gnl
  • New prop: renderCustomDate - @pcxiong
  • center position for messages (eg. for server messages) - @gnl
  • Method setTextInputValue - @wenkesj
  • Replace lodash with deep-equal - @austinkelleher


  • Fix initial scrollToBottom issue
  • Allow custom view for images - @aksonov


See GiftedMessengerExample/GiftedMessengerContainer.js


npm install react-native-gifted-messenger --save


Props name Type Description Platform Default
autoFocus Boolean TextInput auto focus Both true
blurOnSubmit Boolean Dismiss the keyboard when clicking on submit Both false
dateLocale String The moment.js locale used for displaying timestamps (see Locale.js) Both ''
displayNames Boolean Display or not the name of the interlocutor(s) Both true
displayNamesInsideBubble Boolean Display the name of the interlocutor(s) inside the bubble Both false
forceRenderImage Boolean Always render the users images (avatar) Both false
handleEmailPress Function Called when a parsed email is pressed iOS (email) => {}
handlePhonePress Function Called when a parsed phone number is pressed iOS (phone) => {}
handleSend Function Called when a message is Sent Both (message, rowID) => {}
handleUrlPress Function Called when a parsed url is pressed iOS (url) => {}
hideTextInput Boolean Hide or not the text input Both false
isLoadingEarlierMessages Boolean Display a loader when loading earlier messages Both false
keyboardDismissMode String Method to dismiss the keyboard when dragging (none, interactive, on-drag) Both interactive
keyboardShouldPersistTaps Boolean When false, tapping the scrollview dismisses the keyboard. Both true
leftControlBar Element Optional control element displayed left of the TextInput Both null
loadEarlierMessagesButton Boolean Display or not the button to load earlier message Both false
loadEarlierMessagesButtonText String Label of the 'Load Earlier Messages' button Both 'Load earlier messages'
maxHeight Integer Max height of the component Both Dimensions.get('window').height
messages Array List of messages to display Both []
onChangeText Function Called on every keypress in the TextInput Both (text) => {}
onCustomSend Function If you want to implement a progress bar. See PR #16 Both (message) => {}
onErrorButtonPress Function Called when the re-send button is pressed Both (message, rowID) => {}
onImagePress Function Called when the image of a message is pressed Both (rowData, rowID) => {}
onLoadEarlierMessages Function Called when 'Load Earlier Message' button is pressed Both (oldestMessage, callback) => {}
onMessageLongPress Function Called when doing long press on a message Both (rowData) => {}
parseText Boolean If the text has to be parsed with taskrabbit/react-native-parsed-text iOS true
placeholder String TextInput placeholder Both 'Type a message...'
placeholderTextColor String TextInput text color placeholder Both '#ccc'
renderCustomText Function Implement your own text rendering Both (rowData) => {}
renderCustomDate Function Implement your own date rendering Both (rowData, previousData) => {}
scrollAnimated Boolean do animation when scrolling Both true
sendButtonText String 'Send' button label Both 'Send'
senderImage Object Image of the sender Both null
senderName String Name of the sender of the messages Both 'Sender'
styles Function Styles of children components - See GiftedMessenger.js/componentWillMount Both {}
submitOnReturn Boolean Send message when clicking on submit Both false
typingMessage String Display a text at the bottom of the list. Eg: 'User is typing a message' Both ''

Message object

var message = {
  uniqueId: 'XXXXX' // each messages should have an unique identifer - mandatory
  text: 'Message content',
  name: "Sender's name",
  image: {uri: ''},
  position: 'left', // left for received messages, right for sent messages, center for server messages
  date: new Date(),
  view: null, // A custom Bubble view - the view will receive the message attributes as props
  imageView: null, // Returns custom Image view to display image (avatar) for the message
  status: 'Seen', // if status is 'ErrorButton', a re-send button will be displayed
  // ...any attributes you want

Android installation

  • Add windowSoftInputMode in your Android Manifest android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
<!-- ... -->
<!-- ... -->
    // ...
    maxHeight={Dimensions.get('window').height - Navigator.NavigationBar.Styles.General.NavBarHeight - ExtraDimensions.get('STATUS_BAR_HEIGHT')}
    // ...

Known issues



Feel free to ask me questions on Twitter @FaridSafi !

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