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A React Native component for floating label text input with image place holder option

React Native Floating Label Text Input with Image Place Holder

This component is originally based on (@react-native-floating-label-text-input) by (@eyaleizenberg)

What is this?

This component will render an iOS styled text field with floating label animation. When there is no value, the placeholder will be centered. Once there is a value, the value will slide down and the label will fade in and slide up.

Credits for the concept to Matt D. Smith (@mds), and his original design.


npm install react-native-floating-label-text-image-input --save

Usage example


import FancyTextField from 'react-native-floating-label-text-image-input';
var SomeComponent = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    return (

Component props

  • placeholder (String) - String that will be used as the placeholder if there is no value. It will also be the string used for the label when there is a value.
  • secureTextEntry (Bool) - If true, the text input obscures the text entered so that sensitive text like passwords stay secure. The default value is false.
  • keyboardType (Enum) - enum('default', 'email-address', 'numeric', 'phone-pad', 'ascii-capable', 'numbers-and-punctuation', 'url', 'number-pad', 'name-phone-pad', 'decimal-pad', 'twitter', 'web-search').
  • value (String) - Value of the text input.
  • onFocus (Function) - Function to be called on focus.
  • onBlur (Function) - Function to be called on blur.
  • onChangeTextValue (Function) - Function to be called when text is modified.
  • noBorder (Boolean) - Hide the border bottom of the field.
  • maxLength (Number) - Limits the maximum number of characters that can be entered. Use this instead of implementing the logic in JS to avoid flicker.
  • selectionColor (String) - The highlight (and cursor on ios) color of the text input.


Feel free to open an issue on github, send suggestions, fork this repository or contact me at

Thanks and Enjoy! :)


npm i react-native-floating-label-text-image-input

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