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Swiper image

Zoom while sliding

Swipe down

Getting Started


npm i react-native-image-zoom-viewer --save

Basic Usage

  • Install create-react-native-app first
$ npm install -g create-react-native-app
  • Initialization of a react-native project
$ create-react-native-app AwesomeProject
  • Then, edit AwesomeProject/App.js, like this:
import { Modal } from 'react-native';
import ImageViewer from 'react-native-image-zoom-viewer';
const images = [{
    // Simplest usage.
    url: '',
    // width: number
    // height: number
    // Optional, if you know the image size, you can set the optimization performance
    // You can pass props to <Image />.
    props: {
        // headers: ...
}, {
    props: {
        // Or you can set source directory.
        source: require('../background.png')
export default class App extends React.Component {
    render: function() {
        return (
            <Modal visible={true} transparent={true}>
                <ImageViewer imageUrls={images}/>


parameter type required description default
imageUrls array yes Image Source
enableImageZoom boolean no Enable image zoom true
onShowModal function

(content?: JSX.Element) => void
no The callback for show modal () => {}
onCancel function

() => void
no The callback for cancel modal () => {}
flipThreshold number no Swipe threshold of the next page 80
maxOverflow number no The X position maximum, that current page can slide to the next page 300
index number no Init index of images 0
failImageSource string, object

{uri: string}
no placeholder for fail ''
loadingRender function

() => React.ReactElement<any>
no placeholder for loading () => null
onSaveToCamera function

(index?: number => void
no The callback for save to camera () => {}
onChange function

(index?: number => void
no When the image changed () => {}
saveToLocalByLongPress boolean no Enable save to camera when long press true
onClick function

(onCancel?: function) => void
no Onclick (onCancel) => {onCancel()}
onDoubleClick function

(onCancel?: function) => void
no OnDoubleClick (onCancel) => {onCancel()}
onSave function

(url: string) => void
no The picture is saved to the local method, if you write this method will not call the system default method for Android does not support saveToCameraRoll remote picture, you can call this callback in Android call native interface
renderHeader function

(currentIndex?: number) => React.ReactElement<any>
no Custom header () => null
renderFooter function

(currentIndex?: number) => React.ReactElement<any>
no Custom footer () => null
renderIndicator function

(currentIndex?: number, allSize?) => React.ReactElement<any>: number
no Custom indicator (currentIndex, allSize) => currentIndex + "/" + allSize
renderImage function

(props: any) => React.ReactElement<any>
no Custom image component `(props) => <Image {...props} />
renderArrowLeft function

() => React.ReactElement<any>
no Custom left arrow () => null
renderArrowRight function

() => React.ReactElement<any>
no Custom right arrow () => null
onSwipeDown function

() => void
no Callback for swipe down () => null
footerContainerStyle object

{someStyle: someValue}
no custom style props for container that will be holding your footer that you pass bottom: 0, position: "absolute", zIndex: 9999
backgroundColor string

no Component background color black
enableSwipeDown boolean no Enable swipe down to close image viewer. When swipe down, will trigger onCancel. false
doubleClickInterval number no Double click interval.
pageAnimateTime number no Set the animation time for page flipping. 100
enablePreload boolean no Preload the next image false

Development pattern

Step 1, run TS listener

After clone this repo, then:

npm install
npm start

Step 2, run demo

cd demo
npm install
npm start

Then, scan the QR, use your expo app.


Depend on react-native-image-pan-zoom:



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