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A small module to test whether a given react-native dependency contains native or JS-only code.

  • Checks if the dependency contains an xcode or gradle project ✓
  • Checks if the dependency contains RNPM hooks ✓
  • CLI ✓
  • API ✓



This utility was built in order to support "web-like release agility" for react-native projects.

This means, in detail, that paired with a tool like Microsoft code-push and a little bit of extra scripting, deployments can be made continuously and be released either as JS-only changes via code-push or with native changes through the iOS App Store / Google Play Store.



The binary can be used with either absolute or paths:

$ contains-native-code /home/myname/work/myproject/node_modules/a-react-native-dependency

or with the name of a dependency:

$ contains-native-code another-react-native-dependency

In the latter case it will look in the same node_modules folder where it has been installed for a dependeny with the given name.

The binary itself will be installed to node_modules/.bin and is available on the npm path.


This package exports a single function that can be called with a path to the dependency in question:

var containsNativeCode = require('react-native-contains-native-code');

Or, with ES6 syntax:

import containsNativeCode from 'react-native-contains-native-code';

How does it work?

The script reads the package.json manifest of the given dependency and checks:

  • whether the key rnpm is present
  • wheter the given dependency contains a *.xcodeproj file
  • whether the given dependency contains an android/build.gradle or android/app/build.gradle file

This is a similar behaviour to how react-native link works internally.

An example integration

In order to use this script in a automated release process the deployment script needs to do the following tasks:

  1. check if commits have been made inside the projects android/ or ios/ folder
  2. create a list of added/removed/changed dependencies from the package.json
  3. run this script for every dependency that has been found through step 1
    • if it turns out that no native changes were made between the last version and current HEAD do a code-push release
    • otherwise build the native code and push to the app/play store

To be able to execute these steps the source code of the application needs to be versioned via a version control system (for example git).

It is recommended to not directly push to production but to employ a "staging" environment and use manual or automated integration tests to verify the release because this method might not be bullet proof.


npm i react-native-contains-native-code

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