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react-native-checkout CircleCI npm version

Checkout component with validation for React Native (iOS and Android). Supports Stripe, Apple Pay. You can override the entire style for the components.

Add Cards

Select Payment Method

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 14.23.52.png

Everything was designed with Stripe in mind, should also work with other payment gateways.


yarn add react-native-checkout or npm i react-native-checkout --save

yarn add react-native-awesome-card-io or npm i react-native-awesome-card-io --save

react-native link react-native-awesome-card-io <- Scan card functionality


See our full example for more details.

Adding Cards

  import { AddCard } from 'react-native-stripe-checkout'
    addCardHandler={(cardNumber, cardExpiry, cardCvc) => {
      console.log(`${cardNumber} ${cardExpiry} ${cardCvc}`)
      return Promise.resolve(cardNumber) //return a promise when you're done
    styles={{}} // Override default styles
    onCardNumberBlur={() => console.log('card number blurred')}
    onCardNumberFocus={() => console.log('card number focused')}
    onCvcFocus={() => console.log('cvc focused')}
    onCvcBlur={() => console.log('cvc blurred')}
    onExpiryFocus={() => console.log('expiry focused')}
    onExpiryBlur={() => console.log('expiry blurred')}
    onScanCardClose={() => console.log('scan card closed')}
    onScanCardOpen={() => console.log('scan card opened')}
    addCardButtonText="Add Card"
    scanCardButtonText="Scan Card"
    scanCardAfterScanButtonText="Scan Card Again"
    cardNumberPlaceholderText="4242 4242 4242 4242"
    cardNumberErrorMessage="Card Number is incorrect"
    expiryErrorMessage="Expiry is incorrect"
    cvcErrorMessage="CVC is incorrect"
    scanCardContainer={/*Custom component*/}

Custom styling

You can merge in your own styles. See the default styles for details.

Select Payment Method

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 14.23.52.png

  import { SelectPayment } from 'react-native-stripe-checkout'

    enableApplePay={true} // optional, default: false
    applePayHandler={() => console.log('apple pay happened')} // optional
      {last4: '1234', brand: 'American Express', more: 'stuff' },
      {last4: '2345', brand: 'Visa', more: 'stuff' },
      {last4: '2345', brand: 'Master Card', more: 'stuff' },
    ]} // mandatory, See: [Customer Object]( -> sources -> data for Stripe format.
    addCardHandler={() => console.log('Add Card Pressed!')}
    selectPaymentHandler={(paymentSource) => console.log(paymentSource)}
    styles={{}} // Override default styles

Custom styling

You can merge in your own styles. See the default styles for details.

Adding cards to Stripe

Automatically adds cards to stripe

  import { StripeAddCard } from 'react-native-stripe-checkout'

    addCardTokenHandler={(stripeCardToken) => {
    {/* Other props from AddCard */ }

Inspirations & Thanks

payment package provides card validation, which itself was based on the excellent library by Stripe.

Stripe's iOS library and checkout library