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    React Native Check Version

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    An easy way to check if there's an update available for the current app in the App Store or Google Play.

    Note that you need react-native-device-info to be installed for this library to function as expected, or you need to manually supply the bundleId and currentVersion values in the options object.


    yarn add react-native-check-version react-native-device-info

    Basic usage

    Use the checkVersion method to get information:

    import { checkVersion } from "react-native-check-version";
    const version = await checkVersion();
    console.log("Got version info:", version);
    if (version.needsUpdate) {
       console.log(`App has a ${version.updateType} update pending.`);


    Function usage

    checkVersion() accepts an optional options object, which may contain the following keys:

    • string platform: platform to check for, defaults to React Native's Platform.OS
    • string country: App Store specific country, defaults to us
    • string bundleId: bundle identifier to check, defaults to the value retrieved using react-native-device-info
    • string currentVersion: version to check against, defaults to the currently installed version

    Response object

    checkVersion() returns a Promise, which when resolved will return an object with the following properties:

    • string version: latest version number of the app
    • string released: (iOS only) ISO 8601 release date of that version
    • string url: download URL for the latest version
    • string notes: (iOS only) release notes of latest version
    • boolean needsUpdate: whether the latest version number is higher than the currently installed one
    • string updateType: major, minor or patch, based on how big the difference is between the currently installed version and the available version


    • v1.0.14: Updated Android logic to use new Google Play endpoints.
    • v1.0.13: Added a try-catch within the main checkVersion function to prevent error responses from the HTTP requests to throw errors.
    • v1.0.12: Replaced the custom backend used previously by doing calls directly within the app. Please note Google Play has updated their web pages, making older versions not functional.


    This library is developed by Flexible Agency, a creative app development agency.

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    Custom consulting sessions available for implementation support or feature development.


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