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Cross Platform (iOS and Android)

🎈 React Native Camera Kit

A high performance, fully featured, rock solid
camera library for React Native applications

React Native Camera Kit is released under the MIT license. Current npm package version.

  • Cross Platform (iOS and Android)

  • Optimized for performance and high photo capture rate

  • QR / Barcode scanning support

  • Camera preview support in iOS simulator

Installation (RN > 0.60)

yarn add react-native-camera-kit
cd ios && pod install && cd ..

Running the example project

  • yarn bootstrap
  • yarn example ios or yarn example android


CameraKitCamera - Camera component

import { CameraKitCamera } from 'react-native-camera-kit';
  ref={(cam) => (this.camera = cam)}
    flex: 1,
    backgroundColor: 'white',
    flashMode: 'auto', // on/off/auto(default)
    focusMode: 'on', // off/on(default)
    zoomMode: 'on', // off/on(default)
    ratioOverlay: '1:1', // optional
    ratioOverlayColor: '#00000077', // optional
    event, // optional
  ) => console.log(event.nativeEvent.codeStringValue)}
  resetFocusTimeout={0} // optional
  resetFocusWhenMotionDetected={true} // optional
Prop Type Description
resetFocusTimeout Number iOS only. Dismiss tap to focus after this many milliseconds. Default 0 (disabled). Example: 5000 is 5 seconds.
resetFocusWhenMotionDetected Boolean iOS only. Dismiss tap to focus when focus area content changes. Native iOS feature, see documentation: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/avfoundation/avcapturedevice/1624644-subjectareachangemonitoringenabl?language=objc). Default true.
saveToCameraRoll Boolean Using the camera roll is slower than using regular files stored in your app. On an iPhone X in debug mode, on a real phone, we measured around 100-150ms processing time to save to the camera roll. Note: This only work on real devices. It will hang indefinitly on simulators.
saveToCameraRollWithPhUrl Boolean iOS only. If true, speeds up photo taking by about 5-50ms (measured on iPhone X) by only returning a rn-cameraroll-compatible ph://.. URL instead of a regular file://.. URL.
cameraOptions Object See cameraOptions below


Attribute Values Description
flashMode 'on'/'off'/'auto' Camera flash mode (default is auto)
focusMode 'on'/'off' Camera focus mode (default is on)
zoomMode 'on'/'off' Camera zoom mode
ratioOverlay ['int':'int', ...] Show a guiding overlay in the camera preview for the selected ratio. Does not crop image as of v9.0. Example: ['16:9', '1:1', '3:4']
ratioOverlayColor Color Any color with alpha (default is '#ffffff77')

CameraKitCamera API


const isCameraAuthorized = await CameraKitCamera.checkDeviceCameraAuthorizationStatus();

return values:

AVAuthorizationStatusAuthorized returns true

AVAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined returns -1

otherwise, returns false


const isUserAuthorizedCamera = await CameraKitCamera.requestDeviceCameraAuthorization();

AVAuthorizationStatusAuthorized returns true

otherwise, returns false

capture({ ... }) - must have the wanted camera capture reference

Capture image ({ saveToCameraRoll: boolean }). Using the camera roll is slower than using regular files stored in your app. On an iPhone X in debug mode, on a real phone, we measured around 100-150ms processing time to save to the camera roll.

const image = await this.camera.capture();

setFlashMode - must have the wanted camera capture reference

Set flash mode (auto/on/off)

const success = await this.camera.setFlashMode(newFlashData.mode);

setTorchMode - must have the wanted camera capture reference

Set Torch mode (on/off)

const success = await this.camera.setTorchMode(newTorchMode);

changeCamera - must have the wanted camera capture reference

Change to front/rear camera

const success = await this.camera.changeCamera();

CameraKitGalleryView - Gallery grid component

Native Gallery View (based on UICollectionView(iOS) and RecyclerView (Android))

import { CameraKitGalleryView } from 'react-native-camera-kit';
  ref={gallery => this.gallery = gallery}
  style={{flex: 1, marginTop: 20}}
  onTapImage={event => {
    // event.nativeEvent.selected - ALL selected images ids
Attribute Values Description
minimumInteritemSpacing Float Minimum inner Item spacing
minimumLineSpacing Float Minimum line spacing
imageStrokeColor Color Image stroke color
imageStrokeColorWidth Number > 0 Image stroke color width
albumName String Album name to show
columnCount Integer How many clumns in one row
onTapImage Function Callback when image tapped
selectedImages Array Selected images (will show the selected badge)
selectedImageIcon require(_PATH_) - DEPRECATED use Selection - Selected image badge image
unSelectedImageIcon require(_PATH_) - DEPRECATED use Selection - Unselected image badge image
selection Object See Selection section
getUrlOnTapImage Boolean iOS only - On image tap return the image internal (tmp folder) uri (intead of Photos.framework asset id)
customButtonStyle Object See Custom Button section
onCustomButtonPress Function Callback when custom button tapped
contentInset (iOS) Object The amount by which the gellery view content is inset from its edges (similar to ScrollView contentInset)
remoteDownloadIndicatorType String ('spinner' / 'progress-bar' / 'progress-pie') iOS only - see Images stored in iCloud
remoteDownloadIndicatorColor Color iOS only - Color of the remote download indicator to show
onRemoteDownloadChanged Function iOS only - Callback when the device curentlly download remote image stored in the iCloud.

Custom Button

Attribute Values Description
image require(_PATH_) Custom button image
backgroundColor Color Custom button background color


Attribute Values Description
selectedImage require(_PATH_) Selected image badge image
unselectedImage require(_PATH_) Unselected image badge image
imagePosition bottom/top-right/left / center Selected/Unselected badge image position (Default:top-right)
overlayColor Color Image selected overlay color
imageSizeAndroid large/medium Android Only - Selected badge image size

Images stored in iCloud

On iOS images can be stored in iCould if the device is low on space which means full-resolution photos automatically replaced with optimized version and full resolution versions are stored in iCloud.

In this case, we need to download the image from iCloud and Photos Framework by Apple does a great job. Downloading take time and we deal with UI, so we need to show loading/progress indicator. In order to do so, we provide 3 types of loading/progress inidcators:

Sets remoteDownloadIndicatorType prop (and remoteDownloadIndicatorColor in order to sets the Color) on CameraKitGalleryView:

Attribute Values

In order to simulate this loading behaviour, since reach low on storage situation is hard, add this prop iCloudDownloadSimulateTime={TIME_IN_SECONDS}, just DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE IT.

QR Code

import { CameraKitCameraScreen } from 'react-native-camera-kit';
  actions={{ rightButtonText: 'Done', leftButtonText: 'Cancel' }}
  onBottomButtonPressed={(event) => this.onBottomButtonPressed(event)}
  onReadCode={(event) => Alert.alert('Qr code found')} //optional
  hideControls={false} //(default false) optional, hide buttons and additional controls on top and bottom of screen
  showFrame={true} //(default false) optional, show frame with transparent layer (qr code or barcode will be read on this area ONLY), start animation for scanner,that stoped when find any code. Frame always at center of the screen
  offsetForScannerFrame={10} //(default 30) optional, offset from left and right side of the screen
  heightForScannerFrame={300} //(default 200) optional, change height of the scanner frame
  colorForScannerFrame={'red'} //(default white) optional, change colot of the scanner frame


  • Pull Requests are welcome, if you open a pull request we will do our best to get to it in a timely manner
  • Pull Request Reviews are even more welcome! we need help testing, reviewing, and updating open PRs
  • If you are interested in contributing more actively, please contact us.


  • M13ProgressSuite component by Marxon13 - A suite containing many tools to display progress information on iOS.


The MIT License.





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