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    React Native Audio Player Recorder npm version


    Record and play back audio through Loud Speaker, Receiver, Bluetooth and Headphones in your iOS or Android React Native apps.


    react-native-audio-player-recorder is a package that allows you to:

    • Record audio on both iOS and Android with Progress reporting and features such as: recording, pause recording and stop recording.
    • Play audio on both iOS and Android with progress reporting and features such as: playing, pause playing and stop playing.


    Install package

    • Install with npm:

    If you're using react-native version < 0.40.0

    Please run:

    npm install react-native-audio-player-recorder@1.1.1 --save

    If you're using react-native version >= 0.40.0

    Please run

    npm install react-native-audio-player-recorder@2.0.0 --save
    • Install with yarn:

    If you're using react-native version < 0.40.0

    Please run:

    yarn add react-native-audio-player-recorder@1.1.1

    If you're using react-native version >= 0.40.0

    Please run

    yarn add react-native-audio-player-recorder@2.0.0

    Link native libraries

    react-native link react-native-audio-player-recorder

    Configration for iOS and Android

    On iOS you need to add a usage description to Info.plist:

    <string>This sample uses the microphone to record your speech and convert it to text.</string>

    On Android you need to add a permission to AndroidManifest.xml:

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO" />

    Quick Getting Started

    In the AudioExample directory:

    npm install
    react-native run-ios

    API Documentation


    Method Method Description Parameters Parameters Description
    prepareRecordingAtPath This method must be called before recording to set up the recording path and set the recording audio quality and output format and so on. path, options path: the local path to store the recording audio. options: the recording options
    startRecording Start recording
    pauseRecording Pause recording
    stopRecording When this method is called, the recorded audio file will be saved to local automatically.
    playRecording Playing the recorded audio after recording finishes.
    stopPlaying Stop playing the recorded audio.
    pausePlaying Pause playing the recorded audio.
    onProgress Recording progress reporting callback function.
    onFinished Recording finishes callback function.


    Method Method Description Parameters Parameters Description
    play Play audio form path with options path, options path: local audio path options: the playing options
    playWithUrl url, options url: audio url options: the playing options
    pause Pause playing
    unpause Unpause playing
    stop Stop playing audio
    skipToSeconds Play audio from some position, the unit is second position position: use second as unit
    onProgress Playing progress reporting callback, must call function setProgressSubscription to subscribe the onProgress callback data
    setProgressSubscription onProgress callback subscriotion
    onFinished Playing finish callback, must call function setFinishedSubscription to subscribe the onFinished callback
    setFinishedSubscription onFinished callback subscription
    getOutputs Get current available outputs, will return an array of String, for example the outputs can be: ["Phone", "Phone Speaker", "Bluetooth"]
    Available Playback Outputs

    When playing audio, there are chances that the headphone is plugged, or the bluetooth headset is connected to your device.

    react-native-audio-player-recorder supports to get current the available outputs.

    _getAvailableOutputs() {
      AudioPlayer.getOutputs(outputs => {
        console.log('outputs========', outputs)
    Set Playback Outputs With Options

    react-native-audio-player-recorder supports to play audio via appointed output.

    Play Audio via outputs by passing output params:

    • Receiver: Phone

    • Loud Speaker: Phone Speaker

    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth

    • Headphones: Headphones

    _playViaOutput(output) {
      let audioPath = AudioUtils.DocumentDirectoryPath + '/test.aac';      
      let options = {output: 'Phone'};, options)      


    This package is forked from

    We borrow some features from it, learn a lot and add features such as: Playing via appointed outputs, get current available outputs, add audio progress reporting support for Andoid and so on.

    If you like the component and want to support it, feel free to donate any amount or help with issues.


    npm i react-native-audio-player-recorder

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