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    🛠 In order for us to provide optimal support, we would kindly ask you to submit any issues to

    When submitting an issue please specify your AppsFlyer sign-up (account) email , your app ID , production steps, logs, code snippets and any additional relevant information.

    This plugin is built for

    • Android AppsFlyer SDK v6.9.4
    • iOS AppsFlyer SDK v6.9.1

    Breaking changes when updating to v6.x.x

    • From version 6.3.0, we use xcframework for iOS platform. Then you need to use cocoapods version >= 1.10

    • From version 6.2.30, logCrossPromotionAndOpenStore api will register as af_cross_promotion instead of af_app_invites in your dashboard.
      Click on a link that was generated using generateInviteLink api will be register as af_app_invites.

    • From version 6.0.0 we have renamed the following APIs:

    Old API New API
    trackEvent logEvent
    trackLocation logLocation
    stopTracking stop
    trackCrossPromotionImpression logCrossPromotionImpression
    trackAndOpenStore logCrossPromotionAndOpenStore
    setDeviceTrackingDisabled anonymizeUser
    AppsFlyerTracker AppsFlyerLib

    And removed the following ones:

    • trackAppLaunch -> no longer needed. See new init guide
    • sendDeepLinkData -> no longer needed. See new init guide
    • enableUninstallTracking -> no longer needed. See new uninstall measurement guide

    If you have used 1 of the removed APIs, please check the integration guide for the updated instructions

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    npm i react-native-appsflyer

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