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React Native Animated Hide View

A performant-wise and configurable react-native component that can toggle the opacity of its children, with or without animation. Developed with proper touch event handling in mind (pointerEvents).


yarn add react-native-animated-hide-view

Or, if you prefer using npm:

npm i -S react-native-animated-hide-view

How to use

import AnimatedHideView from 'react-native-animated-hide-view';


const isChildVisible = true;

  style={{ backgroundColor: 'red', padding: 10 }}
  <YourChildView />


Prop Type Default Required Description
visible bool - ✔️ Show/Hide the View
duration int 500 Animation time (ms)
unmountOnHide bool false Unmount component when visible === false
animated bool true If false, disables the animation
style style {} Custom style to be passed to the wrapper Animated.View (*)
children node - ✔️ Children components

You can also pass every other valid Animated.View's props.

(*): you don't need to handle zIndex or pointerEvents when the visible property changes: it's already handled automatically by this library!

Known Issues

Nothing here yet!


PRs are obviously welcome! :octocat: