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Accessibility as a First-Class Citizen with React Native AMA

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A.M.A. stands for Accessible Mobile App and is react native library that aim offers the best accessibility tooling experience and guides to guide you through accessibility best practices while you code your app. That's why we created A.M.A., a set of components, hooks designed to enforce minimum accessibility requirements. This is combined with extensive guidelines to help you how accessibility should work when manually testing your app.

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yarn add -D react-native-ama
# or
npm install -D react-native-ama

📃 Documentation

The documentation contains everything you need to know about react-native-ama and contains several sections in order of importance when you first get started:

  • Getting started — contains the "Getting Started" guide.
  • Components — overview of all the components available react-native-ama.
  • Hooks — overview of all the hooks available
  • Guidelines — guidelines enforced by AMA components

You can find the raw markdown files inside this repository's docs folder.

🤝 Contributing

Please see our Contributing guide.

Maintenance Status

Active: Formidable is actively working on this project, and we expect to continue work on this project for the foreseeable future. Bug reports, feature requests and pull requests are welcome.

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