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    React Motion UI Pack

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    React Motion is an amazing animation library for React. React Motion UI Pack tries to help ease entry level / common use cases with React Motion by providing a higher level way to work with it and create common UI transitions easier. If you need more complex animations I suggest using React Motion directly.


    yarn add react-motion-ui-pack

    npm install react-motion-ui-pack --save

    <script src=""></script>
    (UMD library exposed as `Transition`)


    import Transition from 'react-motion-ui-pack'
    // Animate a list of items as they are added
        opacity: 1,
        opacity: 0,
      { =>
          <li key={}>{item.content}</li>
    // Animate a modal
      component={false} // don't use a wrapping component
        opacity: 1,
        translateY: spring(0, {stiffness: 400, damping: 10})
        opacity: 0,
        translateY: 250
      { this.state.modalOpen &&
        <div key="modal" className="modal__content">
          // modal code


    component: PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.string, PropTypes.bool, isElement])

    Define the wrapping tag/component around the children passed in, pass false to not use a wrapping component at all for only child components.

    runOnMount: PropTypes.bool

    Determines whether the animation runs on mount or not

    appear: PropTypes.object

    Where the animation starts, defaults to leave value if nothing passed

    enter: PropTypes.object

    The resting state of the animation

    leave: PropTypes.object

    The ending value of the animation

    onEnter: PropTypes.func

    Callback right before an element enters, passes in your current animating values onEnter={currentValues => /* do something */} called only once.

    onLeave: PropTypes.func

    Same as onEnter, but fires multiple times as an element is leaving.


    How appear, enter, & leave work

    These values are automatically wrapped in a React Motion spring to keep the API simple. If you need a custom config you can pass your own spring e.g. spring(22, { stiffness: 30, damping: 300 }).

    My animation values aren't being applied to any elements

    If you decide to use a custom component as a child, style and dimensions props will be passed into that component for you to use however you want. If you pass a regular React DOM element, <Transition/> will take care of applying the values for you by cloning your element and passing it in.

    Running Locally

    clone repo

    git clone

    move into folder

    cd ~/react-motion-ui-pack

    install dependencies

    npm install

    run dev mode

    npm run dev

    open your browser and visit: http://localhost:8080/


    npm i react-motion-ui-pack

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