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React Modaliz

React component which provide nice and simple modal popup window



Just run

npm i react-modaliz

or (if you are using Yarn)

yarn add react-modaliz


normal variant

with custom markup which will be passed as the children:

import Modaliz from 'react-modaliz';
    <h1>You title</h1>
        <p>Lorem inpsum</p>

simple variant

without any children, just passed as the props title and text:

import Modaliz from 'react-modaliz';
    text="Lorem inpsum"
    title="You title"

Under the hood title will appear as h1 and text as a p in the div


Property Type isRequired Default value Description
className string false Set your className which will get suffix -wrapper for whole modal popup component, suffix -container for modal-box and suffix -overlay for overlay. E.g.: yourName-wrapper, yourName-container, yourName-close and yourName-overlay
conditionalRender boolean false false in some cases, if you need conditional render (e.g.: {ifSomethingTrue && <Modaliz></Modaliz>}) you should add conditionalRender property to Modaliz component
discardDefaults boolean false false Set it to be true if you very badly want to discard all default styles
onClose Function true Handler for closing the modal window
show boolean false false flag responsible for showing Modal
simple boolean false false If you do not want to pass any children into Modaliz and just want to display some title and text, then set simple and just pass title and text as the props. If simple is present/true and for some reason children are passed, then children will be ignored
speed number false 100 Speed of the fading in effect
text string false '' Pass any string as content of the Modaliz. Works only if simple is present/true
title string false '' Pass any string as title of the Modaliz. Works only if simple is present/true


Huge appreciation to JULIAN ĆWIRKO for his react-npm-boilerplate

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