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    React Material UI Super Select

    Select drop down field that uses the beautiful stylings of Material UI, but adds option for multi select and creatable select.

    The functionality of this select box was inspired by react-select.

    Installation and use

    npm install -s react-material-ui-super-select

    The package exports Select, MultiSelect, and Creatable.

    Example use :

    import React from 'react';
    import { Select } from 'react-material-ui-super-select';
    class App extends React.Component {
      state = {
        value: null,
        options: [
          { id: '1', label: 'One' },
          { id: '2', label: 'Two' },
          { id: '3', label: 'Three' },
      render() {
        return (
            handleChange={value => this.setState({ value })}
            handleClearValue={() => this.setState({ value: null })}


    To run the demo project :

    • Navigate to root directory of project
    • Enter npm install
    • Once finished installing, enter npm start
    • When the server starts, navigate to http://localhost:8080

    Navigate to example/src to modify the demo app


    Name Data Type Default Description
    options Array<{ id: String, label: string }> required - Used to render the options list. Only label will be displayed. id MUST be unique among the other elements in the list
    selectedValue { id: String, label: String } or Array<{ id: String, label: String}> null For the Select component, this must be an object that matches one of the objects in the options prop. For the MultiSelect and Creatable components, this must be an array of objects that each match objects in the options prop.
    containerClassName String Concatenated className to the component's outer <div>
    handleInputChange Function Called with the user's input when the input is changed
    handleChange Function Function called when an option is selected. In the Select component, the
    handleClearValue Function Function called when the clear button is clicked
    MenuItem Node Optional component to render in place of the default menu item. Will receive a prop named option, which will be the option that is being rendered
    stayOpenAfterSelection Boolean false If set to true, the menu will stay open after a selection has been made
    placeholder String The input field's placeholder
    label String The input field's label
    loading Boolean false If true, a progress spinner will appear in place of the clear button, and functionality will be disabled.
    disabled Boolean false If true, all functionality will be disabled, and select field will be read-only
    manual Boolean false Under the hood, this package filters the visible options based on user input. If manual is true, the component won't do any filtering, and all management of options filtering will need to be done manually.
    hideLabel Boolean false If set to true, the label will be hidden
    handleCreate Function Only applicalble for the Creatable component; called after a user hits 'Enter' to create a new option


    npm i react-material-ui-super-select

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