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This is a fork

of the Jonny Buchanan's origin package

A React component for <input> masking, built on top of inputmask-core.

This project has never been used by its author, other than while making it.

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MaskedInput can be used on the server, or bundled for the client using an npm-compatible packaging system such as Browserify or webpack.

npm install react-maskedinput --save

Browser bundle

The browser bundle exposes a global MaskedInput variable and expects to find a global React (>= 0.14.0) variable to work with.


Give MaskedInput a mask and an onChange callback:

var React = require('react')
var MaskedInput = require('react-maskedinput')
var CreditCardDetails = React.createClass({
  state: {
    card: '',
    expiry: '',
    ccv: ''
  _onChange(e) {
    var stateChange = {}
    stateChange[] =
  render() {
    return <div className="CreditCardDetails">
        Card Number:{' '}
        <MaskedInput mask="1111 1111 1111 1111" name="card" size="20" onChange={this._onChange}/>
        Expiry Date:{' '}
        <MaskedInput mask="11/1111" name="expiry" placeholder="mm/yyyy" onChange={this._onChange}/>
        CCV:{' '}
        <MaskedInput mask="111" name="ccv" onChange={this._onChange}/>

Create some wrapper components if you have a masking configuration which will be reused:

var CustomInput = React.createClass({
  render() {
    return <MaskedInput
        'W': {
          validate(char) { return /\w/.test(char ) },
          transform(char) { return char.toUpperCase() }


mask : string

The masking pattern to be applied to the <input>.

See the inputmask-core docs for supported formatting characters.

onChange : (event: SyntheticEvent) => any

A callback which will be called any time the mask's value changes.

This will be passed a SyntheticEvent with the input accessible via as usual.

Note: this component currently calls onChange directly, it does not generate an onChange event which will bubble up like a regular <input> component, so you must pass an onChange if you want to get a value back out.

formatCharacters: Object

Customised format character definitions for use in the pattern.

See the inputmask-core docs for details of the structure of this object.

placeholderChar: string

Customised placeholder character used to fill in editable parts of the pattern.

See the inputmask-core docs for details.

value : string

A default value for the mask.

placeholder : string

A default placeholder will be generated from the mask's pattern, but you can pass a placeholder prop to provide your own.

size : number | string

By default, the rendered <input>'s size will be the length of the pattern, but you can pass a size prop to override this.

Other props

Any other props passed in will be passed as props to the rendered <input>, except for the following, which are managed by the component:

  • maxLength - will always be equal to the pattern's .length
  • onKeyDown, onKeyPress & onPaste - will each trigger a call to onChange when necessary

MIT Licensed

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