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    react-spinner-loader provides simple React SVG spinner component which can be implemented for async await operation before data loads to the view.


    Using NPM:

    $ npm install react-loader-spinner --save
    Using yarn

    $ yarn add react-loader-spinner
    Import required css

    import "react-loader-spinner/dist/loader/css/react-spinner-loader.css";


    [View in page]


    import Loader from "react-loader-spinner";
    export default class App extends React.Component {
      //other logic
      render() {
        return (
            timeout={3000} //3 secs

    If webpack throws issue with css. (For older version of this package)

    Change webpack config as: test: /\.scss$/ to test: /\.s?css$/

    Newer version just import css file from node modules to app.js

    Types of Spinner

    react-loader-spinner component has the following types of spinners.

    Spinner Type Implementation
    Audio <Loader type="Audio" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    Ball-Triangle <Loader type="BallTriangle" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    Bars <Loader type="Bars" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    Circles <Loader type="Circles" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80}/>
    Grid <Loader type="Grid" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    Hearts <Loader type="Hearts" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    Oval <Loader type="Oval" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    Puff <Loader type="Puff" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    Rings <Loader type="Rings" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    TailSpin <Loader type="TailSpin" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />
    ThreeDots <Loader type="ThreeDots" color="#00BFFF" height={80} width={80} />

    There are more. View [demo] to see the full list.

    PropTypes Available

    react-loader-spinner component accepts the following props. Instructions on how to use them are below.

    name types default Detail
    visible String or boolean false Show/ Hide the loader as required.
    type String "Audio" Type of spinner you want to display. View the type in Types of Spinner section.
    height Number 80 Height prop define the height of the svg spinner. Default height is 80px.
    width Number 80 Width prop define the width of the spinner.
    color String "Blue" color prop is for adding color to the spinner
    secondaryColor String "Grey" secondaryColor prop for now is available on Plane and MutatingDots loaders
    timeout Number 0 Duration in milliseconds after which spinner is disabled
    radius Number value varies Set radius if the loader has a circle element in it


    Typescript support is now also available. It has full propType intellisense support. Just install the component library as usual and use it in any (React) <Typescript> project.Finally, you will get all sorts of propType intellisense & static typeChecking out of the box. Just like Javascript we also Typescript.

    Here are the list of the task for which we want PR:

    • Optimize css implementation
    • Optimization for multiple color support.
    • Optimize css implementation
    • Add support for Typescript.
    • Optimization for multiple color support.




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