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    React Lazy Paginated Tree

    React tree-view component built for performance, customizability and large data sets. This library provides:

    • A base theme built on top of material UI
    • Flexible styling (provide a theme or override the default theme)
    • The ability to plug in your own custom components
    • Lazy loading (i.e. load children when expanding a node)
    • Pagination for long lists of child nodes
    • Animations when expanding and collapsing nodes
    • The ability to override default methods for expanding/collapsing/selecting nodes
    • Keyboard accessibility


    npm install react-lazy-paginated-tree --save

    Running the Example project

    The /example project can be used as a development environment for the RLPT package. To run the project, navigate to the /example folder and run the following commands.

    npm install
    npm start

    To develop on a local development build of RLPT the easiest thing to do at the moment is to symlink the package to the module in /example. To do this:

    cd react-lazy-paginated-tree
    npm link
    cd react-lazy-paginated-tree/example
    npm link react-lazy-paginated-tree

    This will serve the build assets in dist so make sure to run npm run build to update the assets.

    For more information on creating npm symlinks -


    This library depends on:

    Please ensure that these are included in your project.

    Quick Start

    'use strict';
    import React, { Component } from 'react';
    import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
    import { Tree, SampleTree } from 'react-lazy-paginated-tree';
    class ReactLazyPaginatedTree extends Component {
      render() {
        return <Tree nodes={SampleTree} useLocalState={true} />;
    const content = document.getElementById('content');
    ReactDOM.render(<ReactLazyPaginatedTree />, content);


    An online demo for the quick start, theming, lazy loading and pagination can be found Here.


    <Tree />

    The component accepts the following props:

    Data Props
    • nodes: Array<Node>: (required) A list of nodes that represent the top level of the tree

    Format (one node with one child):

      id: 5,
      name: '2018',
      description: 'Current Year',
      children: [
          id: 6,
          name: 'Q1',
          description: 'Current Quarter',
          children: [],
          numChildren: 0,
          expanded: false,
          selected: false,
      numChildren: 1,
      expanded: false,
      selected: false,
    State Props
    • useLocalState: boolean: boolean that if set to TRUE will leverage local tree state only and not reflect prop changes. If you are using a state management framework such as Redux do NOT set this property to true.
    Lazy Loading Props
    • loadChildren: Function: function to load children of a node, called with (node: Node, pageLimit?: number). A parse method must be specified if the structure of children returned from this method doesn't match Array<Node>.
    • parse: Function: function that accepts a list of children (via loadChildren) and returns a list of Array<Node>. This must be provided if loadChildren doesn't return Array<Node>.
    Pagination Props
    • paginated: boolean: If true the tree will attempt to paginate by concatenating existing nodes with nodes returned by loadChildren.
    • pageLimit: number: pagination page limit.
    Change Tracking Props
    • onUpdate: Function: function called with (state: TreeState) whenever the tree state changes. Can be used to hook into external data providers (i.e. with Redux).
    Callback Props
    • toggleCallback: Function: function called with (e: Event, node: Node) as a callback to node expand/collapse event.
    • selectCallback: Function: function called with (e: Event, node: Node) as a callback to node selection event.
      • by default, will trigger on the OnClick event of the node.
      • if doubleClickSelect = true then it will fire on the OnDoubleClick event
      • does not support both OnClick and OnDoubleClick events for node selection
    Style Overrides
    • theme: Theme: The easiest way to add custom styling. Simply provide a theme: Theme javascript styles object override the default theme.
    • indentWidth: number: The padding depth for each level of nesting within the tree.
    Component Overrides

    The component tree looks like this:

      <Loading />
        <DepthPadding />
        <Expander />
        <Checkbox />
        <Body />
      <Paginator />

    Each of these components can be substituted with your own custom component. The default theme is built on Material-UI. The components are:

    • List: <React.Component />
    • ListItem: <React.Component />
    • Expander: <React.Component />
    • Checkbox: <React.Component />
    • Body: <React.Component />
    • Paginator: <React.Component />
    • Loading: <React.Component />
    • DepthPadding: <React.Component />

    Package Exports

    Tree Component

    import { Tree } from 'react-lazy-paginated-tree'


    import { defaultTheme, minimalTheme } from 'react-lazy-paginated-tree'

    Sample Nodes

    import { SampleTree } from 'react-lazy-paginated-tree'

    Flow Types
    import type {
    } from 'react-lazy-paginated-tree'

    Flow-Type Definitions

    : TreeProps
    export type TreeProps = {
      nodes: Array<Node>,
      pageLimit?: number,
      parse?: Function,
      style?: Object, // equivalent to overriding theme.treeStyle
      className?: string | Object,
      theme?: Theme,
      indentWidth?: number,
      List?: any,
      ListItem?: any,
      Expander?: any,
      Checkbox?: any,
      Body?: any,
      Paginator?: any,
      Loading?: any,
      DepthPadding?: any,
      toggle?: Function,
      onKeyToggle?: Function,
      select?: Function,
      onKeySelect?: Function,
      loadChildren?: Function,
      selectCallback?: Function,
      toggleCallback?: Function,
      useLocalState?: boolean,
      paginated?: boolean,
    : TreeState
    export type TreeState = {
      nodes: Array<Node>,
    : TreeNodeProps
    export type TreeNodeProps = {
      depth: number,
      node: Node,
      theme: Theme,
      indentWidth: number,
      List: any,
      ListItem: any,
      Expander: any,
      Checkbox: any,
      Body: any,
      Paginator: any,
      Loading: any,
      DepthPadding: any,
      loadChildren: Function,
      parse: ?Function,
      pageLimit: ?number,
      selectCallback?: Function,
      toggleCallback?: Function,
      useLocalState?: boolean,
      paginated?: boolean,
      doubleClickSelect?: boolean,
    : TreeNodeState
    export type TreeNodeState = {
      expanderLoading: boolean,
      paginatorLoading: boolean,
      expanded: boolean,
      selected: boolean,
      children: Array<Node>,
      page: number,
    : Node
    export type Node = {
      id: string,
      name: string,
      description: string,
      children: Array<Node>,
      numChildren: number,
      page: number,
      expanded: boolean,
      selected: boolean,
    : Theme
    export type Theme = {
      treeStyle: Object,
      bodyStyle: Object,
      bodyTextStyle: Object,
      checkboxStyle: Object,
      checkboxIconStyle: Object,
      checkboxIconCheckedStyle: Object,
      expanderStyle: Object,
      listItemStyle: Object,
      paginatorStyle: Object,
      paginatorTextStyle: Object,
      loadingStyle: Object,
      loadingTextStyle: Object,
      listStyle: Object,
      bodyClassName: ?String,
      bodyTextClassName: ?String,
      checkboxClassName: ?String,
      expanderClassName: ?String,
      listClassName: ?String,
      listItemClassName: ?String,
      loadingClassName: ?String,
      loadingTextClassName: ?String,
      paginatorClassName: ?String,
      paginatorTextClassName: ?String,
    : CheckboxProps
    export type CheckboxProps = {
      checked: boolean,
      theme: Theme,
      node: Node,
      onChange: Function,
      onKeyPress: Function,
      selected: boolean,
    : BodyProps
    export type BodyProps = {
      theme: Theme,
      node: Node,
      onClick: Function,
      onKeyPress: Function,
    : ExpanderProps
    export type ExpanderProps = {
      theme: Theme,
      node: Node,
      onClick: Function,
      onKeyPress: Function,
      expanded: boolean,
    : ListItemProps
    export type ListItemProps = {
      theme: Theme,
      node: Node,
      children: any,
      onClick: Function,
      onDoubleClick: Function,
      onKeyPress: Function,
    : ListProps
    export type ListProps = {
      theme: Theme,
      node: Node,
      children: any,
    : PaginatorProps
    export type PaginatorProps = {
      theme: Theme,
      node: Node,
      onClick: Function,
      onKeyPress: Function,
      indentWidth: number,
      depth: number,
    : LoadingProps
    export type LoadingProps = {
      theme: Theme,
      node: Node,
      indentWidth: number,
      depth: number,
    : DepthPaddingProps
    export type DepthPaddingProps = {
      indentWidth: number,
      depth: number,
      children: any,




    npm i react-lazy-paginated-tree

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