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    React Json Schema Form (Mui)

    This Project will soon become a umbrella repo for JSON Schema Support to major Frameworks and UI Frameworks. 

    More info on this has been outlined in Universal JSON Schema document.

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    A Material UI port of jsonschema-form.

    A live playground and Detailed Docs

    Install instructions via npm (MUI 5+)

    npm install --save react-jsonschema-form-material-ui

    Follow Releases page to use latest or preleased tags.

    For legacy version of < MUI 4

    npm install --save react-jsonschema-form-material-ui@3.0.0-mui-4

    Basic Example Usage

    // Library
    import React from 'react';
    import MaterialJsonSchemaForm from 'react-jsonschema-form-material-ui';
    // Internals
    import schema from '../simple/schema.json';
    import uiSchema from '../simple/ui-schema.json';
    const givenXhrSchema = require('./path-to your-xhr-schema.json'); // Optional
    import givenFormData from '../simple/form-data.json';
    export default () => {
      const [formData, setFormData] = React.useState(givenFormData);
      return <MaterialJsonSchemaForm 
    	    xhrSchema={givenXhrSchema || {}} // Optional
    	    theme={} // Optional - You need to explicitly provide your custom theme from MUI5 onwards
                onChange={({ formData }) => setFormData(formData)}
                onSubmit={(submittedData) => console.log('form submitted', submittedData)}

    Advanced Example Usage

    More detailed example can be seen here

    // Library
    import React from 'react';
    import MaterialJsonSchemaForm from 'react-jsonschema-form-material-ui';
    // Internals
    const givenSchema = require('./path-to your-schema.json');
    const givenUISchema = require('./path-to your-ui-schema.json');
    const givenXhrSchema = require('./path-to your-xhr-schema.json');
    const givenFormData = require('./path-to your-ui-formData.json');
    const Example () => {
        const [formData, setFormData] = React.useState(givenFormData);
        const onSubmit = (value, callback) => {
            console.log('onSubmit: %s', JSON.stringify(value)); // eslint-disable-line no-console
            setTimeout(() => callback && callback(), 2000); // just an example in real world can be your XHR call
        const onCancel = () => {
            console.log('on reset being called');
        const onFormChanged = ({ formData }) => setFormData(formData);
        const onUpload = (value) => {
            console.log('onUpload: ', value); // eslint-disable-line no-console
        return (
    	    // Define Schema
    	    xhrSchema={givenXhrSchema || {}}
    	    theme={} // Optional - You need to explicitly provide your custom theme from MUI5 onwards
    	    // Define Event handlers
    	    // Every Prop below is optional - every prop above this line is required
                onCancel={onCancel} /* optional */
    	    onUpload={onUpload} /* optional */
                onError={onError} /* optional */
                /* Optional Prop for custom functions to be executed for transforming data */
                    translateRatings: (givenData, uiData) => ({ givenData, uiData }),
                /* Optional Prop for custom components */
    		  customComponent: ({ onChange, }) => (
    			<CustomComponent onChange={onChange} formData={givenFormData} uiData={givenUIData} {} />
    		  customRating: ({ onChange, }) => (
    			<CustomRating onChange={onChange} formData={givenFormData} uiData={givenUIData} {} />
                /* Optional Prop for custom validation */
                    confirmPassword: ({ schema, validations, formData, value }) => value !== formData.pass1 && ({
    		      message: validations.confirmPassword.message,
    		      inline: true,
                /* Optional Prop to auto submit form on press of enter */
    export default Example;

    Latest Version npm version [JSONSchema-Draft-7 Support]

    • Build system now upgraded to webpack 5
    • React select values are no longer stringify results but array values.
    • New Tabs UI to divide sub sections to tabs
    • Additional Properties and Additional Items feature enabled
    • "ui:options" and "ui:style" enabled for prop passing and styling every field
    • On the fly module creation
    • Reference Schema's via http and inline references
    • Support alternatives - oneOf, anyOf, allOf
    • Support for dependencies - array of conditionals
    • new Prop onError to get errors available in form on every change
    • new Prop uiData to control ui only data to add separation of concern with form data
    • Demo updated with monaco editor and live validation changes
    • New interceptors to transform form and uiData using uiSchema - ui:interceptor

    For more info you can follow our changelog


    We welcome all contributions, enhancements, and bug-fixes. Open an issue on GitHub and submit a pull request.


    To build/test the project locally on your computer:

    Fork this repo and then clone

    git clone

    Install dependencies and module generator

    npm install

    Run the demo to test your changes

    npm start (open http://localhost:3005 once build is successful)

    Run the tests once you are done with your changes

    npm test

    You can send a PR through and a release will be made following Semantic Versioning once your PR gets merged.


    npm i react-jsonschema-form-material-ui

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