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React JSON Inspector Component

Component screenshot

React-based JSON inspector that features tree expansion and fast search.

Live demo


npm install react-json-inspector


var Inspector = require('react-json-inspector');
var data = { /* ... */ };
    <Inspector data={ data } />,

Make sure to include json-inspector.css in your stylesheet. Feel free to override or amend default styles, for instance, when using a dark background.

Run the example

cd /path/to/project
npm install
npm run watch

Then, visit http://localhost/path/to/project/example


The only required propery, JSON object or array to inspect.


The class name to be added to the root component element.

Search bar component that accepts onChange, data and query properties. Defaults to built-in search bar. Pass false to disable search.


Optional parameters for search (toolbar). Must be an object.

  • debounceTime, wait time (ms) between search field onChange events before actually performing search. This can help provide a better user experience when searching larger data sets. Defaults to 0.


Optional initial search query, defaults to an empty string.


Pass component factory that would receive the following properties:

  • value, either stringified property value or key value that is being interacted with,
  • originalValue, either the original property value or key value,
  • isKey, boolean flag to differentiate between interacting with keys or properties,
  • keypath, keypath of the node being interacted with, will be the same for keys and properties

Can be used to create custom input fields for JSON property names and primitive values, see #3 for more information.


Callback to be run whenever any key-value pair is clicked. Receives an object with key, value and path properties.


Function to check whether the entered search term is sufficient to query data. Defaults to (query) => query.length >= 2.


Optional predicate that can determine whether the leaf node should be expanded on initial render. Receives two arguments: keypath and value. Defaults to (keypath, query) => false.


Optional parameters for filterer (search). Must be an object.

  • cacheResults, Set to false to disable the filterer cache. This can sometimes provide performance enhancements with larger data sets. Defaults to true.
  • ignoreCase, Set to true to enable case insensitivity in search. Defaults to false.


Set to true for full showOriginal expansion of children containing search term. Defaults to false.