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React MultiSelect

React component that allow you to slect multiple options from set of category. It has list of options [See Options List Section] that can be selected based on requirement. Multielect can also handle dynamic data very well.


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Getting Started

The easiest way to use React-MultiSelect is to install it using NPM.

npm install react-itra-multi-select --save

Now import React MultiSelect into your project.

import ReactMultiSelect from 'react-multi-select';

// Be sure to include styles at some point
import 'react-multi-select/dist/font/icons.css';
import 'react-multi-select/dist/react-MultiSelect.css.css';


After adding react-multi-selct into your project, just add below tag into your templete.

Say what the step will be

let categoryList = [
    id: 0, displayName : "Jaypee Infra", value : "jaypee infra", checked : true, disabled : false
    id: 1, displayName : "CDSL", value : "cdsl", checked : false, disabled : false
    id: 2, displayName : "Cipla", value : "cipla", checked : false, disabled : true
    id: 3, displayName : "Unitech", value : "unitech", checked : true, disabled : false

let categoryName = "Customer";

  categoryList = {categoryList}
  categoryName = {categoryName}
  onClose = {this.closeMultiselect.bind(this)}

Options List

OPtion Required/Optional Description
id Required & Unique Unique id for each category
categoryName Required Placeholder or Name of the Category
categoryList Required List of categories to be selected
limitNoOfSelection Optional Limit maximum number of category that an be selected
disabled Optional disable Multiselect control, default value is false
leftIcon Optional Show Multiselect leftIcon, default value is false
showSearch Optional Weather search needs to be shown or hidden, default value is false i.e Search is hidden

categoryList Object options

OPtion Required/Optional Description
checked Require Category is already checked
disabled Required Category is disabled


*Sahil Gupta Github


This project is licensed under the Custom License - see the file for details

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