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    Input masking component for React. Made with attention to UX.

    This is a development branch for version 3.0. For the latest stable version see v2 branch.


    Table of Contents


    npm install react-input-mask@next --save

    react-input-mask requires React 16.8.0 or later. If you need support for older versions, use version 2.


    import React from "react"
    import InputMask from "react-input-mask";
    function DateInput(props) {
      return <InputMask mask="99/99/9999" onChange={props.onChange} value={props.value} />;


    Name Type Default Description
    mask {String\|Array<String, RegExp>} Mask format
    maskPlaceholder {String} _ Placeholder to cover unfilled parts of the mask
    alwaysShowMask {Boolean} false Whether mask prefix and placeholder should be displayed when input is empty and has no focus
    beforeMaskedStateChange {Function} Function to modify value and selection before applying mask
    children {ReactElement} Custom render function for integration with other input components


    Mask format. Can be either a string or array of characters and regular expressions.

    <InputMask mask="99/99/99" />

    Simple masks can be defined as strings. The following characters will define mask format:

    Character Allowed input
    9 0-9
    a a-z, A-Z
    * 0-9, a-z, A-Z

    Any format character can be escaped with a backslash.

    More complex masks can be defined as an array of regular expressions and constant characters.

    // Canadian postal code mask
    const firstLetter = /(?!.*[DFIOQU])[A-VXY]/i;
    const letter = /(?!.*[DFIOQU])[A-Z]/i;
    const digit = /[0-9]/;
    const mask = [firstLetter, digit, letter, " ", digit, letter, digit];
    return <InputMask mask={mask} />;


    // Will be rendered as 12/--/--
    <InputMask mask="99/99/99" maskPlaceholder="-" value="12" />
    // Will be rendered as 12/mm/yy
    <InputMask mask="99/99/99" maskPlaceholder="dd/mm/yy" value="12" />
    // Will be rendered as 12/
    <InputMask mask="99/99/99" maskPlaceholder={null} value="12" />

    Character or string to cover unfilled parts of the mask. Default character is "_". If set to null or empty string, unfilled parts will be empty as in a regular input.


    If enabled, mask prefix and placeholder will be displayed even when input is empty and has no focus.


    In case you need to customize masking behavior, you can provide beforeMaskedStateChange function to change masked value and cursor position before it's applied to the input.

    It receieves an object with previousState, currentState and nextState properties. Each state is an object with value and selection properites where value is a string and selection is an object containing start and end positions of the selection.

    1. previousState: Input state before change. Only defined on change event.
    2. currentState: Current raw input state. Not defined during component render.
    3. nextState: Input state with applied mask. Contains value and selection fields.

    Selection positions will be null if input isn't focused and during rendering.

    beforeMaskedStateChange must return a new state with value and selection.

    // Trim trailing slashes
    function beforeMaskedStateChange({ nextState }) {
      let { value } = nextState;
      if (value.endsWith("/")) {
        value = value.slice(0, -1);
      return {
    return <InputMask mask="99/99/99" maskPlaceholder={null} beforeMaskedStateChange={beforeMaskedStateChange} />;

    Please note that beforeMaskedStateChange executes more often than onChange and must be pure.


    To use another component instead of regular <input /> provide it as children. The following properties, if used, should always be defined on the InputMask component itself: onChange, onMouseDown, onFocus, onBlur, value, disabled, readOnly.

    import React from 'react';
    import InputMask from 'react-input-mask';
    import MaterialInput from '@material-ui/core/Input';
    // Will work fine
    function Input(props) {
      return (
        <InputMask mask="99/99/9999" value={props.value} onChange={props.onChange}>
          <MaterialInput type="tel" disableUnderline />
    // Will throw an error because InputMask's and children's onChange props aren't the same
    function InvalidInput(props) {
      return (
        <InputMask mask="99/99/9999" value={props.value}>
          <MaterialInput type="tel" disableUnderline onChange={props.onChange} />

    Known Issues


    Browser's autofill requires either empty value in input or value which exactly matches beginning of the autofilled value. I.e. autofilled value "+1 (555) 123-4567" will work with "+1" or "+1 (5", but won't work with "+1 (___) ___-____" or "1 (555)". There are several possible solutions:

    1. Set maskChar to null and trim space after "+1" with beforeMaskedStateChange if no more digits are entered.
    2. Apply mask only if value is not empty. In general, this is the most reliable solution because we can't be sure about formatting in autofilled value.
    3. Use less formatting in the mask.

    Please note that it might lead to worse user experience (should I enter +1 if input is empty?). You should choose what's more important to your users — smooth typing experience or autofill. Phone and ZIP code inputs are very likely to be autofilled and it's a good idea to care about it, while security confirmation code in two-factor authorization shouldn't care about autofill at all.

    Cypress tests

    The following sequence could fail

      .should("have.value", "12/34/5___"); // expected <input> to have value 12/34/5___, but the value was 23/45/____

    Since focus is not an action command, it behaves differently than the real user interaction and, therefore, less reliable.

    There is a few possible workarounds

    // Start typing without calling focus() explicitly.
    // type() is an action command and focuses input anyway
      .should("have.value", "12/34/5___");
    // Use click() instead of focus()
      .should("have.value", "12/34/5___");
    // Or wait a little after focus()
      .should("have.value", "12/34/5___");


    Thanks to BrowserStack for the help with testing on real devices


    npm i react-input-mask@3.0.0-alpha.2





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