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This is extended version of react-inlinesvg. I recommend on reviewing available props list and if none of needed have "(extended)" next to their name then I would recommend on using original package.


First install it.

npm install --save react-inlinesvg

And import it into your code:

import SVG  from 'react-inlinesvg';
    preload={<Loader />}
    onLoad={(src) => {
  Here's some optional content for browsers that don't support XHR or inline
  SVGs. You can use other React components here too. Here, I'll show you.
  <img src="/path/to/myfile.png" />


src string The SVG file you want to load. It can be an url or a string (base64 or encoded)

wrapper function A React class or a function that returns a component instance to be used as the wrapper component. Defaults to React.createFactory('span')

preloader node A component to be shown while the SVG is loading.

cacheGetRequests boolean A boolean to only request SVGs once. Default is false.

uniquifyIDs boolean A boolean that create unique IDs for each icon by hashing it. Default is true.

uniqueHash string A string to use with uniquifyIDs. Default to a random 8 characters string [A-Za-z0-9]

onLoad function A callback to be invoked upon successful load. This will receive 2 arguments: the src prop and a isCached boolean

onError function A callback to be invoked if loading the SVG fails. This will receive a single argument:

  • a xhr RequestError with:
    isHttpError: bool,
    status: number
  • or an InlineSVGError, which has the following properties:
    name: 'InlineSVGError',
    isSupportedBrowser: bool,
    isConfigurationError: bool,
    isUnsupportedBrowserError: bool,
    message: string

remove (extended) - array
Sometimes you find yourself in need of removing some attributes from original svg(i.e. height) and you don't have control over that anywhere but your app code.
An array of attributes to remove from <svg > tag. Default [](empty array).

add (extended) - array of objects([{attrKey1: val}, {attrKey2: val}])
Sometimes you find yourself in need of adding some attributes to svg(i.e. alt) and you don't have control over that anywhere but your app code.
An array of objects { attribute: value }(i.e.: [{ alt: 'Illustration of ...' }]) to add to <svg > tag. Default [](empty array).

Browser Support

Any browsers that support inlining SVGs and XHR will work. The component goes out of its way to handle IE9's weird XHR support so, IE9 and up get your SVG; lesser browsers get the fallback. We use httpplease for XHR requests.


If loading SVGs from another domain, you'll need to make sure it allows CORS.

XSS Warning

This component places the loaded file into your DOM, so you need to be careful about XSS attacks. Only load trusted content, and don't use unsanitized user input to generate the src!

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